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  1. RM-gonZo

    Ebay Hot cams

    theres a brand new set on ebay for the DRZ400 for 269.95. the numbers match those that are on the hotcams website. just bought a pair myself. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/Hotcams-camshafts-z400-ltz400-kfx400-kfx-cams_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQcategoryZ43977QQihZ016QQitemZ260050838516QQrdZ1QQsspagenameZWD1V
  2. RM-gonZo

    GPR Stabilizer

    yeah i have a gpr stabilizer on my DRZ sm. check out my garage and you'll see it installed. it works great. love how it handles.
  3. RM-gonZo

    Trail Tech Vapor Question

    nice setup jboat. also have a vapor kit that i will be installing soon. can you post a picture of where you put the magnet on the rotor?
  4. RM-gonZo

    Yosh header pipe Glowing

    appreciate all the info. warmed up as usual at work today and did not see it again. thanks for all the help
  5. RM-gonZo

    Yosh header pipe Glowing

    was warming up my bike after got off of work and let sit for a few minutes and noticed the header pipe glowing red. recently installed FCR-MX, Full yosh pipe, 3x3 mod. have read all the other post about the glowing pipe and everyone says it is ok, but can i adjust the jetting so that the pipe doesnt get to hot. any help apreciated
  6. RM-gonZo

    FCR mx concerns on drz sm

    Thanks for the help everyone. bike seems to run a bit better and love it. thanks to bumtarder for the excellent guide to the carb.
  7. RM-gonZo

    FCR mx concerns on drz sm

    installed the EMN neddle and removed the pilot air jet. do i need a different size pilot air jet or just leave it out. thanks.
  8. RM-gonZo

    FCR mx concerns on drz sm

    no i didnt. first time working on carbs. can you help me locate them.
  9. HEy Eddie, just recently installed the FCR MX and A Full Yosh Pipe and 3x3 mod on my 06 SM. Took the tech insert off and it is loud. LOVE IT!! questions i have are that when im in third and second gear the bike seems to hit the rev limiter real quick and when switching to fifth the bike seems to struggle a bit to get going. also want to make sure that i installed the vacum needle correctly. put it where the carb connects the head on the left side of the opening where the lower left bolt went? any help would be much appreciated. the carb i installed the way it came. I IM'd you a while back and you suggested for my altittude it was ready to go.
  10. RM-gonZo

    FCR mx concerns on drz sm

    just recently installed my FCR mx carb and my yosh rs-3 full exhaust and 3x3, i love it, especially how loud it is. bike feels great. have concerns though. when im in 2 and 3 gear the bike hits the rev limiter and when i go in to 5 gear the bike feels like it takes a while to get going. i installed the carb the way it came jetted from tt. (spoke with eddie and told me it was ready to be put in). do you think the jetting has to be adjusted a bit? also (hope i did this right) i installed the vacum needle that was supplied with the kit, on the lower left bolt on the left side of the head where the carb connects to the head. other than that i love my drz. will post pics soon. help or info is appreciated.
  11. RM-gonZo

    Stock carb Jetting

    thanks for the help. dont have to worry no more. just purchased a brand spanky new FCR MX from TT Store.
  12. RM-gonZo

    Stock carb Jetting

    hi was wondering what jets should i use for the stock carb. im new at jetting and would like to do it right the first time. Have 06 SM, RS-3 full system, and 3x3 mod. Have a Dynojet kit. my altitude is 1250ft(Rialto, CA). thanks
  13. RM-gonZo

    Cali SM riders?

    hey im in the San Bernardino area. i ride with my bro. anybody else in the area with and sm?
  14. RM-gonZo

    Bike shuts off

    I forgot to mention that once it shuts off it is very hard to start again. have to pull the choke out and then start it a couple of times. the idle seems fine. still is factory stock.
  15. RM-gonZo

    Bike shuts off

    Im a recent owner of a new DRZ400 sm and i love it. the bike is still stock. the problem i have is that the bike has turned off on me three time when downshifting to come to a stop. has anyone else experienced this?