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    holes at side panels same as 3x3 mod?

    Hi, I have the DRZ 400 SM and I have the 3x3 airbox hole and 5 big holes in the side airbox panel, as you see in http://www.supermotardclub.com/albums/Fotos-noticias/IMG_1098.jpg I have also an FMF Titanium 4 mufler and a Notoil SM air filter The engine have better response across all the power curve (compared with the only 3x3 mod), but you have to increase the main jet to 162.5 and the pilot jet to 35 (depending of the altitude where you drive) I think the lateral holes are a good modification, but I never drive in rain o in a dust conditions.
  2. Hi, I have a Suzuki DRZ 400 SM, with an FMF Ti4 muffle, removed air-supply, 3x3 oppened airbox, with 5 extra holes in the airbox side panel (as you see in the photo http://www.supermotardclub.com/albums/album05/IMG_1098.jpg), Kientech extended fuel screw (1.5 turns) and a Notoil SM especific air filter. Of course, with stock Mikuni CV, and without dynojet. I have done a lot of jetting combinations of needle jet / main jet (27.5/155, 30/155, 32.5/155, 30/160, 30/165, 35/165 ), and finally, the best combination I found is 35/165. The throtle response is really plenty of power across all the rpm curve, from 0 to 100 mph (I'm sorry, but I don't have dyno test graphs) In theory, 35/165 is to much rich , but it runs perfecty, in comparation with the others jet settings I proved. Anybody else have proved a similar jetting configuration ? Greetings from Catalonia (Spain)
  3. Carbunille

    What FMF Titanium 4 muffler ?

  4. Carbunille

    What FMF Titanium 4 muffler ?

    Thanks for the photos. I decided to put the 14 " race muffler !!! What about the power improvement ? What brand is front fender ? Acerbis ? Really nice ... Photos of my bike: http://www.supermotardclub.com/Sections-index-req-viewarticle-artid-19-page-1.html
  5. Carbunille

    What FMF Titanium 4 muffler ?

    Hi, I want to put an FMF Titanium 4 muffler to my DRZ 400 SM (stock header, power bomb in a few months), but I doubt about to mount the race, AMA or FIM model. I think the race offers to me more power than the others, but I'm afraid about the db level: more than 100 db, I think I love loud sound, but race model is excesive ? What do you think about it ? Greetings to all from Catalonia (Spain)
  6. Carbunille

    Open stock exhaust, and thanks

    Thankssss !
  7. Carbunille

    Open stock exhaust, and thanks

    Hello to all, First, I want to say thanks for all. This forum has been very useful to me to “touch” the bike. I recently opened the filter air box with a 3x3 hole and the information about how to rejecting then carb (with the stock exhaust), that I have found in this forum, is excellent. Now, I’m thinking to open the end of the the stock exhaust with a approximately 1.5 inches to improve the engine breathing. My stock exhaust is this: http://www.topmoto.info/albums/album05/escapament.jpg Somebody does have experienced with this change ? Greetings from Catalonia (Spain)