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  1. Hello guys. Just thought I'd let you guys know about my Romaniacs blog that might be worth following the coming days, and what it's all about. A dedicated facebook page following me, a pretty average rider, on my attempt to finish this years Romaniacs Bronze class. If you like me are wondering what Romaniacs is all about for the average guy, look no further. In an attempt to better prepare whoever is attempting the same the following years, I have made this page sharing details about my self, my physical condition, riding experience, and ultimately 2017 experience. All so you can size me up and down, compare as best as you can and hopefully better understand if this is something for you, and if so, what class to pick. In the notes section you'll find the most important information like my background, plan, bio etc. and after the race, a more detailed write-up of the race experience. In addition, the news feed will contain day to day updates with progress, ups and downs, bike breakdowns and so forth. I'll also post up a link to my GPS tracker every day, for a bit of live "action". This was all information I was searching my self when deciding to go, and in which class. If only one of you find this useful, my mission is accomplished Please like, follow, and even share if you're feeling extra exited, my Facebook page, so I feel my work is worthwhile.
  2. Lantz

    Dirtbike Accessories store East Coast

    Bringing this one back up again. Any decent gear stores within a couple of hours drive from Manhatten? We were thinking to maybe go have a look at the OCC shop just for the fun of it. Anything in that direction? Don't mind driving. We'll probably rent a car and drive around a couple of days anyhow, just for fun.
  3. Lantz

    Tranny problems on 02' TE570

    Thanks. Weren't sure I could reach the fork and drum from the clutch cover. I will check this as soon I get the worst exam done with. If that doesn't pay off, I'll put it on a trailer and get it back home to my fathers autoworkshop, and split it there. Is there anywhere you can download a service manual? Owners manual doesn't do the trick. Best I got now is the parts catalog, and I suppose that ain't much either.
  4. Lantz

    Tranny problems on 02' TE570

    But those are inside the case? I have to split the engine? Is there a problem splitting the engine yourself if you have a pretty good understanding of wrenching?
  5. Lantz

    Tranny problems on 02' TE570

    Really... Noone?
  6. Lantz

    Tranny problems on 02' TE570

    Come on.... anyone????
  7. Went out for a spin on my 570 supermoto today. Things seemed to work fine, did some wheelies and roundabout sliding (my new favourite sport ) So I was just midways in atemting my xxxx wheelie, when my tranny f*cked up while shifting from 3rd to 4th. My frontwheel landed quickly, and now the bike felt like it was spinning the chain. Only it wasn't. 5th and 6th worked fine, with now bad sounds or anything. I stopped, and tried to shift gears. It didn't feel good below 4th. Didn't find neutral, and I'm not sure I even got passed 4th, but think I got 3rd if I remember correctly. I first thought my tranny was all ****ed up, so I just started it up, left of, put it in 5th and took the highway straight home. Closing in on home I tried it again. Couldn't get past 4th, and 4th didn't work very well. 5th and 6th were ok. After I parked it, and pretty much just gave it up without dooing anything, since I have a couple of hard exams coming up, and work and moving and stuff, I came to think that i may only be something with the shifter fork or an other part of the shifter mechanism, And that it only didn't really wannaa go in 4th. popping in and out or something. I did some searching, and found somewhat similar problems, but all on newer bikes, with right kick or 250s'. And mostly just skipping a gear. Do you guys think it's just a bent fork or something? Any thoughts is appreciated. If I get a good feeling, maybe I'll even lay down the books an evening and check it out. Sure hope it isn't anything too serious, since I was going to put it up for sale very soon. Moving to Australia to take my final year in Grad school:prof: , so I need money for a sweet jap sportscar to take me too the beach. God I wish we had the same prices on cars (and bikes) as they have. And you americans too. envy envy envy....
  8. Lantz

    Jetting an SMR570?

    I would like to know aswell! I'm running a full FP exhaust, and filterbox like the nox. Not very happy with the jetting...
  9. Don't know how easy OEM stuff is to get hold off in USA, but I called the dealer here in Norway, and it would cost me somewhere around $450.
  10. And yes, I think I would call my plug off-white. Not quite sure how tan it sholud be, but It was deffinetly more a Norwegian in mid fall, than a Spanish in the summer...
  11. I checked my carb today. Most for the fun, couse I wasn't expecting finding anything, but sometimes it helps just disassembeling and assembeling again. I took some pictures, so I can ask you some questions later, but I havn't got them on my computer yet. The thing is that I think I have a 150 main jet (short, bigger diameter?) and 40 low jet (long, smaller diameter?) Could this be right? It sound like very low numbers compared to you guys talking about 180 and 65?
  12. Found the screw yes. And it helped to adjust it abt outwards. Thanks. What about the jetting thought? And how much does it help with full exhaust and the airbox mod?
  13. Hi. I will try to explain this as good as I can in English, but im not to familiar with all the technical words. Yesterday I was driving the 60km back to where I work in the weeks. After approx. 10km My bike started to bog ( I think maybe you call it this. Like when it starts to run out of gas.) It was running kind of like a race horse with a limp in one leg. The funny thing is that this only occurs somewhere between 45 and 60mph. I think I might have a z52 rear gear. Haven't counted, but it's BIG. It also only happens when I'm "cruising" in constant speed, not while accellerating, or deaccellerating. Here is what I have done to the bike in the weekend: -I took of the flywheel, to check the timing, it was as good as on the mark, and I put it right on the mark. (I thought it was way off becouse of backfire). -I then adjusted the fuel screw some outwards (Mikuni), and got rid of the backfire. -I checked my fuelsupply valves. It only worked on RES. I took it up an cleand it, and made sure everything seemed ok, put it back on, but it turned out to still only work on RES. -I also cut out the holes in the airfilter box to alow easier breathing. That should be it. Can anyone help me? I really like this bike to run smooth, cause i'm a big Husky fan, but besides the power and weight, I have to sadly say I almost liked my old DRZ better. But I haven't given up yet.
  14. My TE 570 on SM wheels vibrates ALOT. above 60mph its unbearable over some period. my hands get all itchy along with my butt.. Is the only real solution to this problem to balance the crank?
  15. Hi. I bought my TE 570 a few weeks ago. The former owner told me that the bike had a TC ignition fitted. After it was fitted i told the bike's timing was a little out. probably advanced. But he said it didn't matter. The bike starts fine, but i backfires ALOT when I let go of the throttle and on downshifting especially. Now I wonder how to get the timing right. Should I only pull off the flywheel, and line up the marks on the stator an crankcase when I have found TDC? I also read alot about the the importance of the jetting on these bikes, but I can't say I reaaly understand it yet. How can I determine the correct jetting on my bike? I drive around from sealevel too 1000'. And also. Is there a mixture adjustment screw on the Mikuni carburator? I can't seem to find one... And at last if your still bearing with me. The former owner told me the bike should have an output of 64 hp with the TC ignition and full performance exhaust. Do you know if that could be true? Compared to my old DRZ it feels like it may be true. Is there any difference in the TE and TC ignition? And would it make any difference if I cut out the holes in the airfilter box? Thanks for the patiance! -Stian Lantz- -Norway-