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  1. You can adjust your compression clickers. You can turn them to the max. It will affect your ride by making it harsh. you will notice the little stuff more, and will help bottoming on big stuff. The problem that you have is your weight is more than the springs are designed for. Causing your sag to be way off. You might get lucky, measure from your axle bolt to a fixed point on your rear fender, with the bike on a stand and the wheels off the ground. Write down that #. Now sit on the bike with full gear in a neutral position and have a helper measure the distance from the same spots as before. This measurement is called rider sag. adjust this until you have a 100mm or 4 inches less than your measurment when the bike was on the stand. Write that # down. Now with the wheels of your bike on the ground without a rider, measure the distance agian. this measurment is called static sag. This measurement should be between 15mm to35mm less than the measurment when the bike was on the stand. If is out of those #'s it will affect your handling to dangerous porportions. especially if you are a fast rider. Good luck
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  3. I have an 05 yz250f that I have raced hard all summer. I have been racing the 125 junior class, and would like to step up to the 125 intermediate. With gear I weigh 185#. My suspension is stock. This winter I want to get my suspension done. Does any reccomened re-valveing, and or changing spring rate. Or should I stick with stock and just get a service. Any help is appreciated.