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  1. ABTrailers

    colder weather jetting

    I did however twist it 2 times and try to start many times! I guess I didn't understand how pumping lots of fuel in there would help when the air is thinner??? Alex
  2. ABTrailers

    colder weather jetting

    Hey Bill, just got back from Idaho. Bike wouldn't start at all. I had to push start bike with starter assist, every morning to get her running (really fear jumping on that kick starter much). It was 7000' and around 30 degrees. I tried everything imaginable, choke no choke fuel screw all the way in all the way out, wide open throttle, leak jet in leak jet out. My old xr would start just fine, even covered in ice with the seat frozen like a popsicle. Anyways I can't dis assemble the entire bike every time I go in the mountains to change the jet. BTW bike ran great and restarted no worrys after she warmed up. Never touched the leak jet setting. The flameout problem seems to be gone. Any ideas or combination's that might work? BTW do you know if Snowy is open? Alex
  3. ABTrailers

    Intermediate Weekend Rides - LA Area - Ongoing

    Hey guys all is fine with me I lived thru PI. Since you guys don't want to (or are afraid to ride the IE................), I came down to San Felipe. Got a suite at the Hotel Costa Azul room 226.........if anybody is down here look me up in room especially if you want to ride the coarse tomorrow. Also I may be able to receive texts. Guys give me a shout when u want to ride the San Bernardino mountains........jus let me know. Alex
  4. ABTrailers

    Intermediate Weekend Rides - LA Area - Ongoing

    Heck 52 that ain't nuthin! Now you get to race all the good classes! Anyways now that I reside in the 909 the inland empire, and my meth lab is up and running.............I have no idea where to start out here with only a green sticker..............I am old and slow but i am compliant and follow well........ Lets go riding! Alex
  5. ABTrailers

    Not so local California bataan dealth ride report

    Well guys I am back in the US alive and well. I actually did do a pretty complete write up on the bulk of my trip but my poor computer skills I lost it. I am now in a time zone haze.......... This post is for those of you thinking of making such a trip and may use some of my lessons. When all is said and done i probably rode about 1700 km, hit 5 islands. I have NO doubt that i saw more of the Philippines than 99 percent of the population. 1. Most my riding was on road, if you pay the thousands of dollars for a guide I am sure they will show you the better off road dirt trails. With the heat and humidity I don't think I would want to be stuck in any technical sections offroad. The wind on the road makes riding in gear comfortable. 2. Bring gear thin gersey WITH PROTECTION u kno the elbo pads, knee protection etc, you might feel like a "freak" when everybody else is passing you in shorts and slippers but locals actually find it interesting to inspect your stuff. There are lots of opportunities to fall down and slide a ways and trust me that you want shoes and protection. 3. Bring your own helmet, a cheap Chinese ebay helmet with open/close type face would be ideal........as a full helmet gets hot at slow speeds. The helmet I got with my rental was real shit and i regretted not bringing my own. 4. Bring a poncho to cover everything when it rains. Plastic bag for your pack cover. 5. Bikes..........I don't think it matters what bike you get. I took the xr200 as it was the most powerful thing i could find. In all honesty the scooters would probably work just as well, has a more comfortable seat, and are better in the rain (your legs stay dry). The express ways require a 400cc bike, I accidentally got on a couple and nobody seemed to care. 6. Bring a camera, preferably one that mounts to you as its difficult to stop and take one out. 7. The best i can see there is no speed limits in this country, you can pass on either side, I brought up passing to a new level by actually going off road on the shoulder, however I learned the hard way DONT PASS IN THE RICE FIELDS. Any road signs are not mandatory, merely a suggestion. Beware there appears to be no laws against drinking and driving. 8. Don't stop at the mandatory police stops..........just blow right thru them, also before you rent any bike make sure the registration paperwork exactly matches the license plate, or they will shake you down for pesos (my penalty for not blowing the police blockade). Remember there are over 7000 islands in the Philippines so options are unlimited. Other ride options I am considering...... Hanoi to Saigon. Bali (their winter, our summer) Cambodia, Laos, Thailand
  6. ABTrailers

    Not so local California bataan dealth ride report

    Guys sorry but i made a detailed trip report and it may or may not post. Quick summise 1450 km PLUS (speedo broke) Butts sore. Y not my cel 09496187811 I am in ermita on mabini street, lets have a beer. I got a 630 to bacolad get a bike then dumanagete and cebu Y not have u been to the museum, which one do u recommend??? I hope my trip summery will come back???? Rick message me your email.........u shud have come!
  7. Well my plans to ride from Hanoi to Saigon are on the back burner. With the Tet upon us it was just near impossible to secure the bike i wanted and then I would be forced to pay top dollar for the crappy leftover accommodations. So i am about 500km into my bataan death ride. I picked up my trusty steed a vintage xr200 no rear brake, complete with bike rack to carry my crap. First day i went up to Baguio, it was my intention to push on thru to Isabela, however the roads up there are concrete, steep and curvy, what happens is the trucks laboring up these mountain passes they squirt out lots of oil, when it rains you can see the sheen. Several times i started sliding sideways just like moss in the riverbeds. This is where i met my frist Filipino rider his name is Dino he was sitting under a cover with a shiney new 200 cc cafe racer with clean clothes I knew right away he was "the" man to ask. Upon his strong recommendation to not continue to Isabella in these conditions the next day I raced several other rideres downhill to San Fernando, a short quick hop, I was very disappointed that i missed the motocross races the day before and decided to buy a pair of 60 peso oakley glasses pass on the miss ladyboy beauty contest. Go back to the "Bali Hai" resort and settled into drinking with the Australians and Canadians. Clearly i could not keep up with their superior training and decided to sneak out early before they woke and began drinking for breakfast. Yesterday i made a side trip and ended up in some abandoned town......I was just glad to get out of there without dysentery or some terrible roach bite disease I think the allure of getting "off the beaten path" has run its path for me and i will focus on riding to the next nicest accommodations. Today I am in Vigan, an old Spanish settlement on the north end of Luzon. Vigan is known for its spanish architecture as it was so isolated and not destroyed in ww2. Tomorrow I push on to the north towards Laoag. I am pretty well prepared with my spiffy honda atv pants complete with removable legs and compression suit to protect when i get squished between a jeepney and a concrete truck. I only wish I had taken my own comfey clean helmet and I could switch the throttle out for a toggle switch, add rear brakes. I forgot my camera but if anybody can tell me how to post pics from an ipod i will try. Maam San Miguel light please Alex
  8. ABTrailers

    Intermediate Weekend Rides - LA Area - Ongoing

    Well I really needed to get out and ride and a short invite from Krannie locked me in. Its a bummer that Bills buddy broke his clutch cable so close to camp as he would have had lots of fun in the rocks. I took my new (to me) 450x and it worked like a champ, a little suspension adjusting, brake work and a few odds and ends and she shud be good to go. Yah I guess nobody paid the tabs or something and they tried to sneak out of the restaurant and leave me there also. But I was too quick when I caught a glimpse of them just as they were leaving town, (I'll be darned if I get stuck with another bar tab) Anyways thanks guys for a nice ride, traction and weather and company were Incredible, even a dash of snow thrown in. Better yet big screen satellite tv, surround sound no doubt the envy of those poor suckers sleeping in the backs of the trucks. Bunch of nice guys to lead me around (like a lamb to slaughter?), Sit around the fire talk story and fill me with beer.
  9. ABTrailers

    CA and DMV registration of out of state bikes?

    Thats so funny because that exact same thing happened to me. The fix is really simple. Grab a speedo put it in the milling machine, clamp it down. Machine a piece of bar stock to fit into where the cable goes. Crank the machine to high speed, and leave it on all night running up the miles. In my case when I got back to the machine the speedo was broken...........in which case you carefully remove the glass.........spin the speedo to 7600 miles. Position it on your bike, secure with zip ties...........take it to the DMV and pass inspection! Since I broke a perfectly good speedo with 3400 miles on it I strongly recommend you just get one from the junk yard.
  10. ABTrailers

    Stolen bike alert! Inland empire

    Thanks for keeping your eyes peeled. Anyways I picked up a 450x, a while ago i one of my rides was up the ortega trail out of ojai ............quarter mile into it i would have turned around from heat exhaustion of kicking that 650. Really tough trail on the 450 and I must say impossible for me on the 650. The 650 ran real good and was dependable and it had the best suspension set up.............but how can i put it........she was ridden hard and really heavy when I had to pick her up embankments or over ledges........not to mention a bitch to get get started when i turned her upside down! I know in November i will be missing the big bike........so if you guys can please be kind enough to find her it would be greatly appreciated and i promise to fix her all up, replace the broken side cases, replace the torn seat (from that last episode). And put new hand grips and plastics.............and last but not least get one of those fancy steel sprockets and endless link chains. BTW anybody need a box of 650 parts including old springs, fuel tank, seat foam and original cover, new oil filters and new big counter sprocket????
  11. ABTrailers

    Big thanks to Krannie!

    What a great guy. Well the deal is my old bikes got stolen, my loved ones suggested that it was a sign from above that perhaps I should just forget my crazy riding habits.......... However I knew it was a sign from above that I needed a lighter weight bike with an electtrick start. Bill cancelled his waterski trip to evaluate my new (used) bike purchase. I figured he was a good choice as I've seen his x and not only is he a gearhead but way overboard obsessive compulsive and super picky on his bike stuff. Bike looks fairly untrashied me.......a little wear on the cases, rear wheel with a little ding, the original chain is fine for a while, except for a little wear on the sprockets. Only drawback is the it seems to be bone stock and now I have to play the jetting game ( its not only that i hate jetting it just seems to be a waste of time that can be used riding). Oh yah I have no idea what the guy did but he put a really annoying kyrlon black paint job to the white parts. Anyways a thanks to Krannie for giving me the thumbs up for a new toy in my shop.
  12. ABTrailers

    Stolen bike alert! Inland empire

    Nope the state of Kalifornia took back my plate but there are still the holes in the back fender and holes from where the turn signals were mounted on the rear fender. Guy, thats the same bike, only now it has the tall foam seat and a gripper pad with Stitches in one side of it(haha jus like me). Thanks for keeping an eye out for suspicious parts for sale. Alex
  13. Keep your eyes out for a 2002 xr650r. Identifying factors, has red oversize tank, seat has stitches. led rear Stoplight with brake pressure switch, mirror mount on handlebar. lots of scratches. Radiator has weld and side chase has black epoxy patch. Taken from city of Colton (san bernardino area). If anybody sees anybody parting out a 650r let me know. Alex
  14. ABTrailers

    Anybody in the valley familiar with our carbs?

    Thanks for the posts guys, and thanks for the messages. Bike is all fixed and tested running great. Without help i would have never imagined to check that. Whoda thunk it! I'm outta here, Alex
  15. Hey gang, I've been fussing with my carb the last few trips. Its always been occasionally hesitating when coming off idle, last week i did a few days of riding at 5000-6000 feet and its worse than ever (could have just been too rich???). In addition its been hanging up and unpredictable when running at high speed (air flowing fast, no hangup trying to simulate the problem sitting)Anyways tore the carb apart again and cannot find anything obvious. Any of you guys live twards the valley that are familiar with this carb that can take a look at it and see if you can find any problems??? I gotta get it wrapped up either way for a pre-run down south regardless. BTW bike ran great long before! Thanks in advance for the assistance. Alex OOps sorry, I'm in the beautiful San Fernando Valley 2002 xr650r with the keihin