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  1. busterlab

    parts dealers in san fran

    hi i am going to san fran in february and am looking to buy some mods for my 400s are there any shops you can recommend please give me details as i line in the uk thanks.
  2. busterlab

    where can i buy parts

    hi guys i am very new to this site and just wondered i have read several post regarding mods etc. i live in the uk and am wondering where is the best place to buy engine protectors,lowering arms etc is it cheaper ordering from the states or i am in san Francisco in february is there a good shop there if so can you please provide address and i will look into it one last thing can i put road tires on my drz s as am thinking of taking the enduro's off what is the best size many thanks happy green laneing richard.
  3. busterlab

    my new drz 400s

    thanks for that guys do you think i got a good deal it is a 2005 drz 400s with 900 miles on the clock showroom condition £2650
  4. busterlab

    my new drz 400s

    hi guys i have just purchased my first drz 400s and need to know some answers i live in the uk and our sites are rubbish,it has done 900 miles 1/what is the best oil to put in? 2/i am short how can i lower the suspension are there kits available? many thanks i will have plenty of fun reading through some of your threads and learning about the bike, richard.