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  1. kalabula

    how to tell if these are "E" or "S" cams

    so are these not actually e cams?
  2. I have some cams on eBay and was told by an unknown person that these are not e cams but s and I need to get to the bottom of this. they came out of an e motor but maybe had been previously swapped. I hope this isnt a violation of forum rules but there are some close up pics on the listing here. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=270413153037&viewitem=&sspagename=STRK%3AMESELX%3AIT
  3. kalabula

    DRZ400S 300W Stator

    What is the stock output?
  4. kalabula

    is my charging system not working

    But if there was a fried wire there I would think that my guages would not work at all. They work at high rpms. Anyway I guess I have to just put a test meter to it and check it. Maybe I can find someone local to help me do just that.
  5. kalabula

    2 years and battery is shot???

    ??? Thats not a Yausa battery? It says it is.
  6. kalabula

    is my charging system not working

    That article seems to be written for people with previous electrical experience. I am not one of those people. But I will see what I can do.
  7. kalabula

    2 years and battery is shot???

    Thats a great price on a Yausa, but I already ordered Eddies setup. And actually now that I am using my hotstart my bike is a lot easier to kick over (but unfortunately my guages dont work now)
  8. My battery recently went after 2 years and I notice that my speedo and guages dont work even while the bike is running. The only way that the speedo will work is if the rpms are VERY high. I was under the impression that even if the battery was totally dead that while running, the stator would take over the duties of the battery and that the speedo should work then. Is my stator bad? How might I test it?
  9. kalabula

    pingel/clarke, no reserve

    FYI. Pingel and Clarke where both useless as far as helping me out. I was hoping they would at least have a few suggestions for me. I've yet to take anything apart. I'll just keep a close eye on my miles. 195 to empty this last time and it wouldnt start on reserve. Thanks again everyone.
  10. kalabula

    2 years and battery is shot???

    Not sure what this is or how U do it.
  11. kalabula

    2 years and battery is shot???

    never heard of the kit that eddie is offering. is there a link I can read about it.
  12. I ordered a motor power #ct7b battery from Rocky Mountain and it only lasted 2 years (almost to the day). I drive it pretty much daily in the summer and it sat all last winter w/out the battery tender on it. It has had the tender on it for the past 6 months almost. Is this normal? It seems like I should have gotten twice that out of it. Is there a good way to break in my new battery?
  13. kalabula

    pingel/clarke, no reserve

    I let her run empty again and this time was able to squeeze out 5 miles from the reserve setting (still just barely enough to make it to a station. I quess the difference must have been maybe while I was turning some of the gas made its way to the petcock side of the tank. I put an email into Pingel and will keep everyone advised as to what they tell me.
  14. kalabula

    pingel/clarke, no reserve

    I would rather not have to lay my bike down everytime I put it on reserve to get the gas to roll over to the left side of the tank. I paid a lot of money for the tank and petcock I think they should work properly "right out of the box". I will disassemble it today and post what I find. Thanks for the help so far everyone.
  15. kalabula

    pingel/clarke, no reserve

    I have a Pingel valve on a 3.9 Clarke tank and when it runs out of gas on the "on" position, theres not enough gas left in the tank to restart the bike even in the reserve position. Kind of defeats the purpose of having a reserve. Anyone else have this issue? What to do, what to do?