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  1. LOOZER247

    Stock SM Wheels

    Sold.... Thanks All
  2. LOOZER247

    Stock SM Wheels

    Thanks... they will be in the sale section for $650.00 which includes shipping in the 48 states.
  3. LOOZER247

    Stock SM Wheels

    I knew that I would hear that.... But Im just looking for a fair market value...I got Marchesini's so Im set on my end
  4. LOOZER247

    Stock SM Wheels

    Anyone know what a set of Stock DRZSM wheels are selling for??? Thinking of parting with my stockers...searched, but couldnt find much in the for sale section... Thanks, Mark...
  5. Here are some Pics from the Supermoto @ Boreal Ski Resort Supermoto Pics Enjoy All
  6. LOOZER247

    Need new key, can't find the code.

    you all must shop at LA Cycle too...
  7. LOOZER247

    United States MOTO GP

    It was a great race... I would have loved to see Rossi get up there and keep the points more interesting... So I have to ask Did anyone else not ride in like I did and take the bus?? Thought they had a winner, when it took about 30 min to get on the bus in the morning..... but only to wonder how long before the class action lawsuit kicks in, after the total lack of any intelligent thought on the exit...Hey SCRAMP you might want to try the "5 P's" Proper, Planning, Prevents, Pisspoor, Performance!!!! There was one guy trying to direct people with no success at all, even to the point I saw him grab a guy by the arm and bump chests with him after the jerk just ignored him and went his own way… no planning in place (except a sign on a truck pointing us up and over into the Wolf Hill parking area) took 3 hours of standing in the sun and inching along before we circled around and crossed the road to board some buses. This was only because the Sheriffs Department took over and started directing things, good thing because people were pretty out of control at this point. Last year we sat in a car for 2.5 hours to get out of the track, never thought it could be worse than that… I was wrong.... here’s to hoping next year will bring something that works.... cant wait to see Cycle News and the Letters coming in for the next 6 months.. A very Tired, Sun burnt, But Loyal Fan of the Races And Great Job Nicky....Keep up the good work
  8. LOOZER247

    screw suzuki, I am going honda now!

    Got to have Toys....I've hurt myself more on the mini than the DRZ thats for sure..but still love to play on it
  9. LOOZER247

    anyone know how much a dealer get the drz for

    05 DRZSM 6136.00 (bought in 05) OTD (including actual fees) which was 100.00 over invoice.
  10. LOOZER247

    You guys have to see this!!!!

    I want to see the landing..... looks like it might have hurt
  11. LOOZER247

    Supermoto Leathersuit for a bigguy

    You can try: GIMOTO USA 926 Broadway St Redwood City CA 94063 USA 650-780-9306 Really nice suits, not the cheapest, but you can get one made to your size...
  12. LOOZER247

    SupermotoUSA pics from Dixon 4-2

    Here are pics from the Kinsman Kart Track, Round 2 of the SupermotoUSA Races... Have fun with them... Mark... Supermoto Pics
  13. Here are pics from the Kinsman Kart Track, Round 2 of the SupermotoUSA Races... Have fun with them... Mark... Supermoto Pics
  14. LOOZER247

    Pictures from Stockton Motard 3/19

    check out SupermotoUSA or SuperMotoTT
  15. LOOZER247

    Pictures from Stockton Motard 3/19

    Ill be taking pictures at most of the SupermotoUSA events so if you have any requests let me know, I will do my best to get pictures... You can even order picts from the site or just hit orignal and save it, most of them can be printed out to 8x10 or larger with no problem...