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  1. Tegan

    Have you ever fallen over while not moving?

    I haven't fallen over yet....YET.....but I pulled my bike over on myself while doing an oilchange.....does that count. Thankfully my soft squishy self saved the bike from any harm LOL.
  2. Tegan

    Woot! Got a bike!

    Yeah....WOOT!!!! Make the noise out loud and you'll know what we're talking about.
  3. Tegan

    Woot! Got a bike!

    It's a "litte" (to me all bikes seem big) 2004 Yamaha TW200. I really lucked out on this one and got it for a great price, it's mint, and has only 500 miles. I'm so stoked!!! I didn't get to play with it tonight...but you bet I'll be playing with it tomarrow afternoon!
  4. Tegan


    You're lucky...I cant even get the salesmen to talk to me.....
  5. No rush Andi. It'll be March before I get up to WI next. Thanks so much for your help though!
  6. I probably would be willing to take a trip up there since I have relatives up there. (And they've been nagging me to visit...) I think I'm going to hit the dealerships again on saturday and just sit on some bikes and bother the sales people. Hehe.
  7. Thanks for the support guys (And the suggestions on the bikes) I'm having a heck of a time finding begginer bikes in Iowa...let alone dual sports...let alone BEGGINER dual sports. Most of the bikes I find listed are big ole Harleys. I'm still trying to talk my husband to getting one through a dealership and financing...but that's not looking like it's going anywhere.
  8. Heheh the jump from a TW200 to an XT550 was because the 550 was listed for $600....the only TW200 (or XT225 for that matter) that I can find around here at $3500 minimum. Remember.....first bike....dont care what it does really....I'll probably be done with it in less then a year if it's a junker. Understand where I'm coming from now? I just want something I can kick around for a few months to get used to the whole thing....then I'm going to settle on what I really want. Not an issue anymore the the 550 since it sold anyway.
  9. Ok you cant just post that and not give me an explination....didn't you see the "Complete Newb" part of my post? Are they bad bikes?? Come on....give a gal a break.
  10. I drive a pickup, Dodge Ram 1500 Quad Cab, with a Hemi, 4X4 and he has his "Manly Minivan!" LOL We cant help but tease him about that all the time. All his friends allready know I wear the pants in the family I'm pretty sure there is no WAY I'm going to get hubby on a bike....he's scared to death of them (flipped one on himself as a kid). Dont get me wrong, my husbands not a girly man, he just knows his limits. I'm going to look at an 1982 XT550 hopefully this weds (if the guy doesn't have it sold allready by then). It's not a new bike, it's probably not that great of a bike, but I sure as heck wont mind smashing it up so much. I'm pretty excited about it. He said it needs some carb work, but from his discription is sounds like it needs a valve replaced. At any rate I'll have all winter to tinker with it. He said it runs fine, and you can ride it all day, but sometimes the second carb wont open up (in hot weather). Shouldn't be TOO hard of a fix. I allready have my motorcycle endorsment, I got that at the end of September throught the MSF course. I'm pretty excited, things are finally starting to fall into place!
  11. Howdy all, my names Tegan and I'm a complete newbie. I'm 27 years old and living in Iowa. I dont have a bike, havn't ridden much (no dirt yet) but the little street I have ridden has gotten me totally hooked. My husband doesn't ride (and refuses to) and none of my friends ride. So trying to figure out where I should start has been difficult. I'm pretty sure I'm looking for a dual sport bike. The Yamaha XT225 or the TW200 has caught my eye. At 5'3" tall and 225lbs (I'm a short round gal.) it's been hard finding a bike that has a short enough seat height for me. I really want to play in the dirt, as well as be able to commute to and from work, and since I can only afford one bike it'll have to be able to cover everything. I'm also thinking of the KLX250S that's coming out this year, and the Kawi dealership is a lot more helpful then the Yamaha dealership was (I couldn't even get a dealer to talk to me at the Yamaha place). Also I have no clue as to how to start looking for places to ride in Iowa (around the Des Moines area). Any and all advice and help you can give to a gal trying to get out there and ride would be incredibly helpful. Thanks all!