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  1. Nope.
  2. I bought mine in October last year (first one from our shop) and just did the top end on it. IT WAS PERFECT. NO WRIST PIN GALLING AND THE VALVES DID NOT NEED ADJUSTMENT. I do not have an hour meter on my bike but untill a couple of months ago I was at least riding at the track 2 times a week. I am a Vet Expert so it has been riddin hard at times. I change my oil every3-4 rides and the oil filter every other oil change. I clean my air filter every couple of rides (really depends on the track condition). I USE ROTELLA OIL IN THE WHITE BOTTLE. NON SYNTHETIC. The issue I have had is the fork seals. 3 times
  3. It works for awhile but eventually they leak. I have used a thin credit card and the thinnest feeler gage.
  4. I am on my third set of seals. I believe this to be the only thing I truly dislike about my bike. I have never had this problem before.
  5. I love my 06 and have the first deposit down on the first 07 that hits Tulare Kawasaki.( I was the first one to get an 06 too) I have been thinking lately that the 07 couldn't get much better and besides, I would have to figure out the suspension all over again. New bikes are very cool though and quite the topic at the track every Fall.
  6. I have a Honda locking nut on mine and it works great. The nut for the CRF 450 is this correct one.
  7. Thanks for the info. I have used the film trick a couple of times but they seem to be beyond the help of the trick now. I have heavy springs in them so I only bottom them when I do something stupid. Looks like I'll just have to start from scratch. This has been my only complaint about the bike so far.
  8. Has anyone figured out the best seals to use in the forks. I have had my bike since October and replaced the seals once after a muddy ride. They are now leaking again and I have not rode in really muddy conditions since last time. I wash my bike after every ride and have never had this problem with any other bike I have had. Oh, and don't want to run fork skins or anything like that, my thought is why should I have to start doing this now after all these years.
  9. I have been using cheap ass oil from Walmart since October, riding motocross 2-3 times a week and my bike is still perfect. Not one problem. Except the fork seals. Maybe the Rotella is getting into the forks....
  10. Check out E-bay for oil filters. They are cheap.
  11. 15W-40 Rotella T I buy it National Institute of Motorcycle Science the worlds leading authority of motorcycle oils. I don't listen to the 16 year old parts guy at my local shop.
  12. I got mine in October and have rode it 2-3 times a week at the track without any problems. ( with the exception of a couple of weeks of only 1 time due to kids, wife, job, etc...) I don't have an hour meter.
  13. I bought a new 98 KX250 and never had any problems with my footpegs. In fact, neither did the guy I sold it to. We both raced it motocross. In 98 the KX 250 was the best 250 made and it outsold the other brands in California hands down.
  14. I am running an RK o-ring without any problems. I think that nub on the case that some of the o-rings rub on was already rubbed off by my stock chain slapping around so much.