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  1. 04250CRF

    Sand Paddles

    ya i figured something had to be different about those paddles cause they were sooo cheap. thanks for the info, i'm gonna go with the haulers, but i just wanted an opinion on the sand devils. thanks agian, 04250CRF
  2. 04250CRF

    Yamaha Sand Paddles

    Hey I have been wanting to get a new set of paddles for you yfz450, and was wondering if anyone new if there is much of a difference between the GBC Sand Devils and the Skat-Trak Haulers......besides price. The pictures I have seen of them, basically look the same. If anyone has any info, let me know, Thanks
  3. 04250CRF

    cheap clutch basket

    does anyone know of a low priced, good clutch basket? The cheapest one I have found is a Wiseco clutch basket for around $185 from motosport outlet. If anyone knows of a better price, or a cheaper clutch basket, please let me know. Thanks, 04250CRF
  4. 04250CRF

    250 R troubles

    I have owned my CRF since September of last year, I bought it used, and since I have owned it, I have had to shim the valves 3 times. Does anyone have any idea on what is making the valves get out of adjustment? I get about 12 to 15 rides out of it, before I have to shim them agian. Its starting to get pretty annoying. I am not sure if this may be a common probablem on some of the 04's or if it may just be something wrong with the top end on my bike. Please let me know if you have any information. Thanks, 04250CRF
  5. 04250CRF

    adjusting the timing

    Hey guys, my 04 250, is having some trouble running, I havent been able to kickstart it, but I can push start it and get it started and running, but when I go to let it go down to an idle, it just dies, no matter if the choke is on or off. I'm wandering if its the timing, but I don't know how to adjust it, or how to tell if it would be off or not, and maybe if it might be something else keeping it from going down to an idle without dying. What about adjusting the pilot screw in the bottom of the carb, if its turned all the way in, how far should it be turned out? any input will be appreciated. Thanks 04250CRF
  6. 04250CRF

    cold weather starting?

    Hey guys thanks for the info, I think I'll try changing my pilot jet to a 43 and see if that works, i have heard that it has worked for many people, so I'll give it a shot, and let you guys know how it goes. Thanks agian 04250CRF
  7. 04250CRF

    cold weather starting?

    I have recently purchased an 04 crf 250R in september, and I never had a problem with it not starting. Now that the temperature has dropped (from around 70-80 to 35-65) Its been a real pain to get started. lately I've had to push start it, once it gets warmed up, I can kick it over just fine, but its the getting to that point thats the hard part. I've tried just pulling out the choke and kicking, opening the throttle once or twice and kicking it, turning my idle up, all these haven't seemed to work. Could the timing on the motor be a factor in this? also a friend that i recently went riding with said that it also could maybe be the TDI box, but i know nothing about that. Your imput would be appreciated. Thanks 04250CRF