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  1. fastlane25

    Leatt brace - any injuries

    I think I was the 3rd person to reply to this thread - trying to share what your saying too Jason. This was like 3 years ago and 19,000 views ago. I was shipped out of town on the first train to have made such statements. I was crazy and was one that had to of opposed wearing knees braces when they come along. Nobody could understand why anyone would not embrace such an awesome invention for our sport. Took a while, but I am glad that at least some are figuring out that this thing is dangerous.
  2. fastlane25

    Ibuprofen and broken bones

  3. fastlane25

    tib/fib fracture

    How old are you and howz your health? Very important...
  4. and remember, your story can be motivation for someone else too.
  5. fastlane25

    08 YZ250f Clutch Late Disengagement

    I'm on it. Thanks for the suggestions.
  6. fastlane25

    08 YZ250f Clutch Late Disengagement

    Have tried it both ways as of this last weekend and it made no difference?
  7. I am constantly fighting a late (nearly to the end of travel) disengagement clutch problem on 08 YAM 250f. I can replace the inner and outer hub along with the clutch disks/plates and it will again disengage closer to the grip but doesn't last very long until once again presents late disengagement. It don't slip, it just don't feel right with it being so late disengaging as you loose that smooth clutch feeling in tight corners - or moreover in aren-X's. I've read some people are using Honda plates. Can someone post the thickness specs of these as a couple of thousands thicker per plate would resolve the issue - I think. And I've read some install the hydraulic clutch for various reasons that might could help?? Just wondering if there is anything else I could do to rectify this problem. BTW, I am running the standard oil system with no modifications, OEM clutch plates ad components and MX4 Mobil1 Synthetic oil. Thanks in advance for your thoughts, recommendations and experiences....
  8. fastlane25

    Long term concerns with broken ribs?

    I broke 3, 2 in the front and 1 in the back, and within a few months I never knew it happened either. Hang in there and I'll send a prayer of quick and full healing for ya.
  9. fastlane25

    Split Talus

    Best things to do in no particular order is take care of yourself with good eating and good rest. If you don't have a trust in someone above it may be a good time to try him out as he's sure been good to a lot of people - including me. You need to listen to your doctor - get a different one if you have not come to trust him/her. Treat them like a King/Queen as they give so much of their life up to serve us knot heads that are tearing ourselves up. Believe with all your might that your prayers will be answered the way you want them answered and that you are healing the way you feel you should be healing. Ask questions of anyone that share in like experiences and use the information you gain as momentum and confidence to come back and not only beat the odds, but beat them with astounding results. Mindset, prayer and determination can really blow the socks off modern medicine sometimes. I have raced in 4 consistent decades but have had 14 broke bones and 5 surgeries. (Pic below of recent uh oh's) This board has helped me tremendously as has Dr Mark with suggestions, comments and recomendations. Sometimes I get lazy and don't offer up help, to people such as yourself, as much as I should. With my last get off, I was told I might not walk again - among many other things. Certainly riding did not look favorable at all. But 8 months later I began to ride some and at 12 months I was back racing. Now at 15 months it's still improving and I'm back to speed, just not endurance. Good luck with your injury/story and I'll say a prayer for ya!
  10. fastlane25

    Leatt brace - any injuries

    I humbly disagree with such.
  11. fastlane25

    X-RAYS "How brave should I be at this point riding"

    Happened May 10 of last year. Come up short on a triple and flew through the air a LONG ways - without the bike. Landed on the 'ole foot. Other leg has basically the same hardware from a previous uh-oh, except for the heel. I'm 47 and can't seem to wise up. Wouldn't trade where I've been and what I've seen for anything though. Picture of the accident in sequence can be seen here. Click on the thumbnails. Other thread with previous x-rays and more info at http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=690920&highlight= PS: Trey Canard summed it up well. "I have a while to think about it and I've decided that I love racing a lot more than I hate being hurt" How true how true. I hate being hurt, but man I love the feeling that comes from an awesome day of racing. Blessings!
  12. Been play riding a little and getting itchy to step it on up. It is still too risky? Click here or on image full larger view
  13. fastlane25

    Doc, you think I should walk yet?

    Not a lot of people even know that bone, unless they've been around ankle/foot injuries. Are you possibly a fellow heelie? Thanks for the well wishes.
  14. fastlane25

    Doc, you think I should walk yet?

    Yes, I was wearing Tech 10's and Asterisk knee braces. I come off the bike on a huge 4th gear triple and landed away from the bike directly on my right foot. It crushed my heel and compound fractured my lower tib/fib. Left leg was not a recent injury.