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    Hot Start Relocate Kit ?

    In the recent past some one mentioned a hot start relocating kit being sold on E-Bay the kit had cables and levers and the whole deal at a sweet price. does any one recall the seller or jobber with this kit?
  2. opamccoy

    Valve Adjustment?

    I have not read up on the correct procedure in the manual but in short youll need to add more shim to get the clearance to spec. the chart should give you a clearance now and shim now thickness follow the measurments on the charts in the manual and add the new shim off of chart, the bad part of all this is you have to remove cams to get your shim sizes the 1st time,order shims after that youll have your sizes recorded.as for is it really urgent? the added clearance is later valve oppening, less duration, and erly to close valve timing
  3. opamccoy

    a good deal?

    I paid $4850. for new 05 and have to add extras, if its mechanically sound and you desire the bike! buy it ! its only $!
  4. opamccoy

    05 RMZ cutting out

    In section 14 of the service manual there are some pin point test's for the electrical component's.It looks like with a multi meter you can test the individual component's the intermittent problem you had really sounds like the ign. module but could be any thing pay particular attention to all connectors and pins seated and connection clean dry and good and test the component's till you find some thing good luck good hunting!
  5. opamccoy

    Running Av. Gas?

    Damn! Av. Gas is a touchy subject!
  6. opamccoy

    Running Av. Gas?

    I would like to try some Aviation Gas, no lead over 100 octane. Would I need to change jetting or would it simply be dump and go? Has any one tried?
  7. opamccoy

    05 RMZ cutting out

    I USED AN ARTICLE FROM WWW. TRANSWORLDMOTOCROSS.COM_TO/ARTICLE/0,13190,1110617,00HTML to adjust my Timing chain tension and check the valve clearance, "it was really easy" if the link wont get you there it was in there,"HOW TO", section "Tension" good luck
  8. opamccoy

    noisy engine

    05 noise started on 2nd tank of fuel ratle piston type noise. a buddy and myself bought 1 each same time-RMz450, his is quiet & mine is noisy and getting worse returned to dealer, "Chapparel"walked thru & tech said was normal no warranty, not raced, worried $$$ feeling sexed!IDEAS!
  9. opamccoy

    GYT-R AIS Removal Kit

    hey,im curious to know if the backfiring goes away after you installed the kit
  10. opamccoy

    noisy engine

    I use spell check Cause I cant spell, some times cant talk
  11. opamccoy

    noisy engine

    Update!!-FIXED IT YESTERDAY! WOOPEE! it was free! WOOPEE! Chaparrel sucks! Suzuki is Righteous! Beaumont Motorcycle is also A-O-K! I thought I would stop and talk too some one on advice and what I could possibly do as far as Suzuki, no warranty and the dealer I bought from lack of knowledge or willingness to help. BMC said bring it in and 2 hours later called and said its fixed! come get the bike! $0.00due. Suzuki took care of the problem and the problem was a loose crank output gear bolt so it was chuckling on the flywheel of the clutch basket thats why noise was still present with clutch in and really bad at cruise. accel and decel were OK minimal or no noise Chaparrel said normal ride it! at any rate Suzuki stood behind there product BMC was willing to help at least to try! and I recommend both!
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    next issue of Dirt Rider Mag 450s compared
  13. opamccoy

    noisy engine

    I am torn beetween 2 trains of thought, ride it till its dead or spend $ and have it checked I have seen another previous post about a rod coming coming apart and taking the coating on cylinder wall and piston out, I really wish Suzuki would help Yamaha would for 30 days!I am on the 5th tank of gas
  14. opamccoy

    noisy engine

    I have changed oil,adjusted T-chain and checked valve clearance, and noise did not change other than more noise with every ride,.