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  1. noggin526

    Beware of SCAMMER

    I forgot to mention that the guy selling is the original owner.
  2. noggin526

    Beware of SCAMMER

    thanks... Great advice!
  3. noggin526

    Beware of SCAMMER

    It wasn't about the changes between 03' and 04' or whether it might get worn tires or scratches. I'm well aware of those things. The guy flat out lied to me and would have never said a word about the year. I posted this so someone else wouldn't go through what I did with this guy.
  4. Drove 9 hours round trip from Northern Virginia to Warrendale, PA to buy a 2004 CRF 150 to find out it was a 2003 and not in condition stated. After 4 phone conversations before the drive, I was assured many times the bike was an 04' and was as clean as a bike on a showroom floor. When I got there the tires were worn, the bike is scratched, the right foot peg spring is broken and the bike is a 2003! The guys response while holding the title was "I didn't know the bike was a 2003 but the price is firm". The bike is posted on cycletrader.com BECAREFUL!!!