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  1. Anyone? This is a very hard thing I'm doing, here. I love this bike.
  2. I've decided to sell my '06 WR, and I'm wondering what I should ask for it. The bike is in EXCELLENT condition, with very low hours. I've put less than 160 miles on it. Here's a list of what I've done to it: Grey wire disconnected Air box opened up YZ throttle stop TT AIS removal kit PMB exhaust insert JD jet kit Zip-Ty fuel screw Scotts SS oil filter TAG 12t countershaft Flatland radiator gaurds Flatland skid plate Cycra Pro-Bends Acerbis YZ rear fender Any input would be much appreciated.
  3. No Juha?
  4. Another vote for the Flatland.
  5. The Acerbis is already cut for the overflow. It just bolts right on. I bought mine here at the TT store.
  6. Goes in with my waste oil.
  7. You need to find yourself an old RD400.
  8. Some of you people just turn my stomach. Get out there and live your own lives. Get out there and race your own races. What, do you seriously think this man owes you something? WRONG. He's proven himself a champion, and if he wants to hang it up while his body still functions properly, then who in the hell are any of you pukes to say a friggin thing about it?
  9. it's funny (sad) how the most retarded threads get the most replys
  10. It will not fix your jetting issues. If your jetting is tight, and you get some bog on/after the third whoop, then it might be of value to you.
  11. Not in the header.
  12. Relax, guys. The kid is in Newfoundland.
  13. They mount to the frame in front of, and behind, the radiators.