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    Newbie Here!! Bike Questions??

    Hemet, CA How would a 2001 Suzuki DRZ 400 do?
  2. Hello to all!!! Glad to find this site!! You all sound like a bunch of cool bike people!! Little about myself - rode CR 250 (and 125's) for a few years back in the 80's and raced a little high school motoX back in the late 70's (1976 Yami YZ 125 was da BOMB back in the day!!) Haven't riden since 1986. I am now 43, 6' tall, and weigh 270 lbs. I mainly camp in RV parks (Colorado River), beaches, and visit/camp in Baja 2-3 times a year (which is my passion!). I will ride trails, beaches, some small hills, and some asphalt (beer runs from camp to town!!). Too old to be riding like I did when I was 16-23. That would definitely up the anny on injuries LOL!! Looking for a recommendation on a bike that will fit my size, weight and riding type. Will probably look for used, so any years/models to avoid is appreciated. I found a 2001 Suzuki DRX 400 (not an E or S model) for $2500 . Don't know much about this bike or if it will fit my needs. Anything you can do to assist is much appreciated!!!