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  1. is this a totally stupid questions, i resealed my forks, and dont know how much fluid to re fill them with? please help 2004 250sx
  2. the shots filmed in the video were on a 60 dllar frys camera? can you show me a link of where to get it, i want to toy arond with one.
  3. im looking for a helmet cam, or what setups you guys like? good quality. i looked at the samsung sports camcorder. its cool and small but looks over priced for the reviews it got. i sw those viosports. at and those look bad. any ideas>?
  4. I REALLY NEED HELP ! ok so i have been researching this in order to do the adjusting myself, i understand most of it. i took the bike apart, measured the valves, and got measurements on all of them. except right intake, where i dont have a small enough feeler gauge, .0015 (.038mm) is not small enough, its so tight. so here are the meaurents, left exhaust .004 right exh = .0015 left intake .004 and right intake is too tight for .0015. so i do the formula a=b-c+d and it is lets say for the left exhaust its (.004-.011) + 2.45 = 2.443 so they say the new shim is suppose to be 2.443 (the existing size of old shim is 2.45) ndo they make a 2.443? or do i round the number, or is it so close i just go one size down? please help. am i crazy?
  5. first time adjusting my valves on my 05 crf250r, and there tight, exaust takes a .003 in, but the intake is too tight to even take that size gauge, i dont have a .001 feeler gauge, arent they suppose to get looser? and then i shim to make them tighter? I doing this because its become a pain in the ass to start.
  6. ok so heres the deal, its an 05 crf250r, i bought used. last ride it ran great, after 2 days i started it up to move it, and what a bitch it was to start. i thought i got water somewhere after the wash, so i dried the plus and checked it all, but it was ok. it ended up starting, and running, then i killed it, and it did the same, kick kick kick, and just hard to start. if i turn the motor over slow , it seems i get a significant click on what seems to be the exhaust stroke? i dont know. i read about adjusting the valves, and tore it down and i checked the clearances, and there too tight for .005 to fit in? so now what? please please please help, i miss my bike.