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  1. rulingtheroost

    kx 500 rich in 1st 3/4 throttle

    Been doing some research and it sounds like my choke circuit could be leaking fuel causing its rich condition also idle screw has no effect on rpm
  2. Hi I just picked up a 93' kx 500 new top end fmf fatty pipe n silencer test rode it real fat had a hard time clearing it out has stock jetting 158m 58 p 3rd clip neddle. So I started looking checked reeds looked good no cracks fliped 1 went to 155 m 52p 1 clip leaner on neddle set air screw 2 turns out bel ray 40:1 110 av gas rode it better but still not right played with air screw got better the more I turned it out I'm at 4 turns out now and thats to far also 95 deg. and humid whats your thought oh btw runs awsome on main
  3. rulingtheroost

    93' kx 500 w/wp 50 anybody done it?

    Thanks for the reply yes I've got everything from the triple clamps down to the front rim with .52 fork springs. I guess the only way to find out is start tearing her apart
  4. Hi folks, just picked up a nice 93' kx 500 and am immediately thinking about suspension. I live in north east PA. rock infested area and have a complete front end off a 99' ktm 380 mxc including triple trees and was thinking about sliding that under the big 5honey anybody done it and what could I expect thanks
  5. So I've been thinking of replacing my long in the tooth 07' ktm 525 xcw dual sport and came across a smoking deal on a new leftover 13' yz450f. I haven't had any luck on a finding a lighting coil for the fi bike so I could dual sport it any Idea's thx
  6. rulingtheroost

    Minimum oil level 07' ktm xc-w

    Just talked to him 140-150mm is about it but the cool thing is I can always add. He said oil height is one of the most overlooked areas and makes a huge impact even is small bump absorption
  7. rulingtheroost

    Minimum oil level 07' ktm xc-w

    I had John Curea do my forks 4-5 years ago I'm 6'4'' 315 lbs and run .52 springs last year I was running Jersey sand whoops and raised the oil level when I had the seals changed don't know where John had set them at but my last rock run wasn't a pleasent experance with them at 115 and these forks always worked good in the rocks. Like I said I can always add oil btw where do you run your clickers thx
  8. Hi, a buddy of mine has a 2010 fuel injected crf450r and it quit running. Upon further examination the voltage regulator is completely melted like it shorted out or something has anybody else ever seen this or is it a freek thing, thanks.
  9. Check out this video just posted on Racerx http://www.racerxonline.com/video/jeremy-mcgrath-supercross.aspx
  10. rulingtheroost

    570 sxs kit

    My buddy just put that 570 kit in his 08' because of the same reason, I'll see if he'll post in here.
  11. rulingtheroost

    2010 exc 450 lower seat height???

    My buddy has an 09' 530 exc and the first mod was a low soft seat maybe he gained an 1'' then the x bushing but its pretty tough grinding on a brand new $10,000 bike. Bought the ktm bar spacers and lower the front an 1'' along with rear, now he can tippy toe he's 5'6''. Its times like these I like being 6'4''
  12. rulingtheroost

    KTM Spring rates?

    Sorry, didn't relize who I was talking to.
  13. rulingtheroost

    KTM Spring rates?

    Thats cool, When you put the springs in resist the urge to turn your rebound in as it also controls compression. Its more of a bleed port that affects suspension movement in both directions. I made that mistake when I first put my 11.4 on and it became almost unridable in the woops.
  14. rulingtheroost

    Need better suspension for dr 650

    I understand I had a dt 400 in mid 90's that I used to run against modern bikes. Micky Kessler @ kps in NJ. did my buddies dr 650 with good results.