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  1. 110rider

    my bike update!!!!!!!!!

    post a pic of urs mate please thanks shaun.
  2. 110rider

    my bike update!!!!!!!!!

    well guys last time i posted my bike someone told me to get graphics so i did and then some said get bars so i did. so tell me what you think now thanks shaun
  3. 110rider

    My Bike!!!

    what do you think of my bike? please give opinion on what i can upgrade next. thanks shaun
  4. 110rider


    hey nessy its shaun. people please go on the forum its ace.
  5. 110rider

    Help please

    go on http://adrenalintrip.extreme.com/forum/viewforum/99?siteid=1&4495 and sign up and you will get all the help in the world mate. hope you find out whats wrong.
  6. 110rider

    Help please

    You sure you drained it all properly
  7. 110rider

    Pit Bike....

    well ive got the second 1 and its amazing
  8. 110rider

    supermoto tyres

    which one would be best for my bike tho. i wanna do supermoto. and mine are 10" wheels. thanks
  9. 110rider

    supermoto tyres

    which one would be best for my bike tho. i wanna do supermoto. thanks
  10. 110rider

    supermoto tyres

    1 United Kingdom Pounds= 1.73250 dollars m8
  11. 110rider

    supermoto tyres

    hey guys i live in the uk and was wondering where i can get two 10" supermoto tyres from in the uk online.my maximum budget is 60 quid. thanks shaun
  12. 110rider

    ebay pit bikes

    look at the puma 110 there awsome i got 1
  13. 110rider

    Any1 live in England on here?

    i live in grantham in lincolnshire
  14. 110rider

    im kinda new and need help

    hey guys im new to this forum and ive got a puma 110 pitbike and was wondering if they are anygood. and how to stop the chain from eating my swingarm. and one more question where does my 4 stroke go. cnt w8 to get it at xmas.lol thanks 110rider
  15. 110rider

    hey im kinda new and need help

    ok sorry and thanks