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  1. hello everyone I've got klx650r 1996 .(the KACR mechanism have been taken off the bike before i bought it). i had compression lost(about 50%) and the bike would choke when idle. first i checked the shims clearance and it was way out of the service manual correct clearance. correct clearance : my clearance: exhaust : 0.15~0.24 mm exhaust: (right)0.355mm (left)0.330mm intake:0.10~0.19 mm intake: (right)0.2159mm (left)0.292mm two questions: 1. could the shims clearance be the only/main reason for the power loss? 2. i replaced the shims and when i reassembly it i probably didn't set the timing chain right and the right upper chain guide(tensioner) had been broken while i was turning the magneto flywheel(manually) , what should i do? should replace the broken part and reassembly the top engine back , or should i take the top engine off and check if there any valve damage done because of miss set of timing chain? Any advise is very appreciated . Thank you for reading the massage and best regards Andrei