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  1. Why bother painting the plastics black? The durability of the paint will be questionable, and you can achieve a similar effect by buying a new plastics set in black and removing the gloss shine with thinners or brake and clutch cleaner.
  2. They work fine for road use, but I couldn't comment on track performance. Like djebel says, I guess it depends how much of a track punisher you are. If you ride hard then a caliper upgrade is likely to pay-off.
  3. Well, registering a bike isn't too bad really if you've got some electrical skills to get it through the SVA. However, there's hardly any info about what you need to do so it's a bit of a blind path to follow - it's taken eight weeks from start to finish. Now I've done it once though it shouldn't be so bad in the future. I'll put together a how-to if anyone wants to know what's required. Due to the customs form requirement it's basically impossible to register anything more than a few years old it seems. I've been registered on visordown for a while, but I never saw the SM forum before. Some interesting reading there.
  4. Thanks. It's amazing what a difference a new set of plastics makes really. I'm pretty pleased with the end result, although I can see me spending a lot more on the bike in the future.
  5. Ok, I've joined the ranks. These are 'as bought' and 'current' pictures of my CRF450R. There are a couple more things to go on, like the odd graphic and an FMF pipe, but it's basically as done as it's going to be for a while. Sorry about the quality of the 'current' pic, but the garage is kinda packed out and it's raining outside. Ignore the indicators and mirrors, etc. They're required to get the thing road legal over here. It's quite a task to register a CRF for the road in the UK now.
  6. The white is the looker of the pair, but the black sort of works too I guess. The only thing wrong with One Industries is the fact that they don't make graphics for pre-'05 450s any more.
  7. I'm pretty impressed with mine too. I don't ride motocross and have the bike in SM trim for the road, but I was just looking for a reduction in noise for no cost in power....and that's exactly what I got.
  8. I made a bracket and used the stand from a Yamaha DT125R. Works like a charm and cost the equivalent of $10. Bargain.
  9. Ok, I had my noise re-test today and with a re-packed silencer and a dB-Dawg fitted it hit 95.5dB, a 6.5dB reduction since the last test. Thumbs up for the dB-Dawg; I now have a road-legal CRF450R SM. Roll on summer...
  10. How are the noise tests conducted? I mean, where do they set-up the noise meter and what engine speeds are required?
  11. I'm an electrical engineer too, but that didn't stop me from buying a lighting stator! Some jobs are just too much of a pain in the backside to do when there's minimal cost involved in doing it the easy way.
  12. Has anyone got actual noise test figures for a CRF450R fitted with a DB-Dawg? The test I need to pass is measured at 20 inches from the exhaust, at a 45 degree angle. With the stock pipe it hit 101dB but since then I've repacked it as well as added the DB-Dawg.
  13. I took delivery of a DB-Dawg today for my CRF450R and it still sounds pretty loud in my garage. I really hope it's enough to pass the 99dB limit I need to get through.
  14. Thanks for the info CamP. I've ordered a dB-Dawg from our sole UK distributor on the recommendations in this thread. I could certainly live with a couple of hp loss for a quiet life!
  15. Ok, so I found some more info here: http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?p=4167793#post4167793.