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  1. kindemann

    Helmet Choice

    yup, this is the helmet that i would go for. but it cost hell of a bomb. anyone got any deals for this?
  2. kindemann

    You talk about a Hack? this is DEEEEEEEEEEEEEP!!!!

    can anyone repost the two vids? i would love to take a look at them. thanks.
  3. hello, i'm thinking of getting the brembo radial brake cylinder for my stock KTM 400 exc motard. question is it worth the money? plus, changing the handbrake cylinder works already, or do i have to change the calipers as well? one more thing, ordering the handbrake cylinder, i have to order the reservoir and the bracket as well rte? thanks. the pic is here. ( 57313001000 ) http://www.ktm.com/frameset.asp