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  1. Yup, had same problem on my '03.
  2. Yeah but unless you live nearby or are willing to drive to the actual dealership you can't get it because they won't ship.
  3. I think the 65 will be just right...outgrowing bikes when you're younger is part of the game, there's nothing you can do about it until the kid gets on big bikes.
  4. When aluminum frames first came on streetbikes all the manufacturers were showing them off because it was a huge thing to do, then they started powdercoating them black. I can't think of one with a bare aluminum frame on a newer model 600, 750, or 1000. You could argue though, that they might not do it on MX bikes because it looks like crap once your boots start to rub on the frame. I think at least one manufacturer besides KTM will do it though.
  5. That bike is absolutely Sick! The only thing you have to do now is put on a pipe. That is probably the best one I have seen, nice and clean looking. You haven't even ridden it have you?
  6. Hell yeah! I was thinking the same thing. I enjoy doing that stuff as well; I just don't feel like doing it to the motor in the bike I ride...just in case.
  7. The 2005 and 2006 Honda CR125R are the same bike; they only changed the graphics a little.
  8. So is that a no-go on the yosh rs3?
  9. I just put a small piece of ductape over the screw for security.
  10. Oh, and once it was warmed up it would start fine, it just ran really lean and backfired a lot because it was sucking in more air through the hole.
  11. Check to make sure your fuel screw in your carb did not fall out. Mine fell out on me and I had unknowingly been riding the bike without one for about a month. It was hard to start and wouldn't idle when cold. I would have to adjust the idle when cold and then after ten minutes on the track I would have to pull off and adjust it again because it would be idling too high.
  12. I'm getting cut off as well...?
  13. Looks good! How do you like the megabomb?
  14. What year is your's? Mine was an 2003. Good luck getting it fixed!
  15. My fifth gear got messed up too. I had to replace third and fifth because they work together. I have never split cases, so it cost me 700!