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    Bike info: WXC410? What is it?

    I have 4 Huskys-my oldest and the one I ride most of the time is a 1994 WXC350 that I purchased in 1995. I installed a 99 410 engine in the chasis two years. The standard gas tank is 2.4 gallons approx and bike will go 100 miles of medium pace trail riding. I installed the 4.5 gallon tank on all of my huskies and have a range of 200 miles. I dont know the condition of that bike but I would assume it probably needs a top end (valve job, piston/rings and maybe lower and upper rod bearings. Could be costly. Husky parts arent cheap--but the same goes for other makes as well.
  2. Burl Hughes

    Injured on a TE510

    Polution equipment--the canister and all hoses can be removed unless you have tailpipe tests by law in Calif to pass inspection. I took every thing off of my 2000TE410E without any effect on the performance.
  3. Burl Hughes

    '96 wxe 410 part #'s

    Rear wheel bearings-sprocket side (2) required Husky P/N 800039651 or from local bearing house P/N 6004-RS2S1/C3 -long number but bearing house should have the 6004 with seals both sides. Bearing seal Husky P/N 800069163 or buy a seal to match from bearing house for the 6004. Be forewarned these two bearings are difficult to remove--may require a "blind bearing puller". I had my local shop change mine recently( they removed & I installed ). The wheel bearing (1) on rotor side is Husky P/N 800055876, seal is 800069163 or from bearing house the bearing is 63004RS and buy seal to match. The two front wheel bearings are same bearings as the rear sprocket side P/N 6004-RS2S1. I always pop the seal off one side of a new bearing, clean the oil off of the balls with brake clean and after drying I pack it with synthetic Mobil 1 grease, replace the seal and install it. I assume you know the propane burner trick for heating the hubs before knocking the bearings out. Good luck!
  4. Burl Hughes

    '96 wxe 410 part #'s

    I will check my discs for the Husky OEM part number tonight and get back to you. If it is the same as my 94 WXC350 I will give you the generic numbers also--front and rear
  5. Burl Hughes

    TE610 Purchase?

    I just replied to another post with this info. I have a brand new out of the box 03 TE610E that I want to sell for $5000.00. I have installed a 19 liter or 4.5 gallon gas tank on it with a yellow vinyl cover (comes from Husky in white only). I bought the bike in April 04 with slight shipping damage(superficial only to front top). I replaced the odo cluster, choke lever and headlight with oem Husky parts and can deliver somewhere in Texas. I havent even started it yet, havent installed the battery yet but will do so pretty quick. I have 3 other Huskies, a 94, 98 and 00 and I rarely have to buy parts but have no problem mailorder when I do need parts. The only Husky dealers in Texas that I know of are in Lubbock and Ft Worth but I deal with Halls Husky almost all of the time on parts. I can and will post a picture in the next few days. I plan to put it in the classifieds in Thumper Talk soon. Let me know if you have an interest. I am in the Houston area.
  6. I have a 03 TE610E brand new right out of the box, havent installed the battery yet, 19 liter Husky gas tank, that I have decided to sell for $5000.00 if you are interested. I have 3 other Huskies and dont really need this bike. I bought the bike in April 04, damaged slightly in shipment(superficial only) and have replaced the damaged parts with OEM ( odo cluster, handlebar, choke lever and headlight). I put a yellow vinyl cover on the Husky white 19 liter gas tank otherwise the bike is stock. I rarely have to order Husky parts but have no problem when I do. I will post a picture shortly.