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  1. wood5045

    What would be best for me yz250f or yz450f

    I agree. I have had mostly big bore 2-strokes and 450, 4-strokes, and I have more fun on a 250f, and I weight 212lbs. You would definatley have more fun on the 250f and it would be plenty fast for you. Good luck.
  2. wood5045

    06' Oil Consumption

    Thanks, I will take a look.
  3. wood5045

    06' Oil Consumption

    yeah, I have always followed the manual and never had any issues until this last race. Any ideas????
  4. wood5045

    06' Oil Consumption

    I have about 40 hours on my 06' yz250f (about 20 hours since my valve recall/replacement) and I change my oil every 3-4 rides. Last week I did an oil change (no filter change), warmed up the bike and confirmed the oil level in the window. After the first practice I noticed there was no oil visible in the window, so I added a small amount to bring the level up to the top of the window. However, after each moto, I noticed the oil level was again down (with no oil visible in the window) and had to add a little more oil after each moto. I have never had this happen in any of my last three bikes (4-stokes). Is this a sign of an engine problem brewing (rings, valves, or???) and is it safe for me to keep riding, or should have it checked out? Thanks for your help.
  5. wood5045

    A new Rhino!

    Yes, the Rhino's come with seat belts but you don't say how old or how big your daughter is. The Rhino's do roll easily when stock. I rolled mine in a slow speed turn in the first five minutes when I tried to rail a berm. The safety mods did very well. I got a 450 Rhino for my wife and 6-year old boy and safety was a top priority for me, so here are the minimum mods I would recommend. The stock belts are junk, get 5-point harnesses. This might sound like overkill but they hold you in place while driving and you will be less likely to put your arm/hand out in the event of a rollover. This is one of the most common injury. I tell my passengers to hold onto the verticle harness belts while riding, rather than holding onto the seat bar or roll cage bar to reduce the chance of hand/arm injury durning a rollover. You will also need a bar that runs behind your seats to attach your harness. Get leg minders. Leg injuries appear to be another common injury during roll overs. Any brand will work but I liked how the bars from blackrhinoperformance.com covered the leg AND ankles. Get "off-set" wheels. The off-set wheels extend out 2-3 inches farther than stock. They give the Rhino a wider footprint, make the Rhino more stable and less likely to roll. Plus they look way better than stock. Got mine from www.dycorp.com I got all my other stuff from www.blackrhinoperformance.com. They make great stuff. The only downside is that they don't include directions, but are very helpful over the phone. Is the sport model worth the extra cost???? I would rather spend the extra money on the above items. We love our Rhino and if I were to get another one, these mods are the first things I would do before I ever took it out. Hope this helps. PM me if you need more.
  6. wood5045

    Offset tripple clamps on a 06 yz250f

    Ditto on the Applied. I was ready to sell my 06' until I put the 27mm rubber-mounted clamps on. The straight line stability was improved as was the turning ability. Don't ask me why.....they just work. I would do it again in a heart beat.
  7. wood5045

    Rhino or Ranger?

    Thanks everyone. I was leaning toward the Rhino until I went to the sand and sport show in O.C. where a couple of guys thought the Ranger was better built. I won't be doing any sand stuff, just So cal desert. It will be primarily for the wife/kids to ride and follow us around on our bikes. I was also told if I went with the Rhino, the 450 would be enough for what we will be doing with it. Anyone have input on how the 450 does in the desert and if it has enough power. Thanks
  8. OK folks, what's your opinion. I've been looking at the Yamaha Rhino and the Polaris Ranger. Anyone have anything good or bad to say about either??? Thanks
  9. wood5045

    2006 Yz250f Suspension

    Enzo did my 06' and they were very good to work with. It took a couple of tries to get the way I like it and they were way cool about me brining it back. I would definitely go back. I have also had good luck with everything I have brought to Fineline in Huntington Beach, Ca. PM if you need further
  10. wood5045

    06 YZ250F Clutch

    I had the same issue, did a search and came up with a good fix. If you replace your actuator arm with a "WR" arm, it will reduce the pull. The WR arm is 5mm longer. The other option is to cut your arm and have someone weld a 5mm extension on. the WR option is cleaner and was worth the small investment.
  11. wood5045

    250f spring rates for 205#s

    I am the same weight and that's what Enzo put in my 06"
  12. wood5045

    rubber mounted clamps

    Go for the rubber clamps. The Applied clamps have a different offset than stock and improve the handling. At last check the RG3 didn't offer a different offset. The rubber clamps don't feel weird, just reduce felt vibration. I put em on my 06 and love em.
  13. wood5045

    Barona Oaks

    Cool, thanks. What type of jumps and distances are they?
  14. wood5045

    Barona Oaks

    Has anyone ridden the Barona Oaks track? If so, how would you describe it? It's been 20 years since I've ridden it and I'm thinkin about trying it agian. Thanks......
  15. wood5045

    06' 250F sag setting

    Thanks everyone