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    love to ride my Wolverine 450 and\or my Z400 and go wheeling in my Jeep.
  1. Jeep_Freek

    Mods to give an automatic more power....??

    Whoa..!!! Say what..? "if its elec start and has pull start take elec off and it should help." what's that gonna do for making it faster\more power..? Less weight..? That's just a BAD idea if that's what you meant..?
  2. Jeep_Freek

    Mods to give an automatic more power....??

    Hi.. Just my .02 worth.. To get more power out of anything is ALWAYS done with\by the motor.. You don't hear of anyone changing or modifying their gears do you..? I hope not.. so having an automatic trans isn't gonna make or get you any more power. ps. a 350 powered aint a real powerful machine to start with.. I'm sure there are a few HP mods or parts for them.. but I'd never mess with the tranny, auto or maunal.
  3. Call the local Yammie Dealer. Sounds like the hose got blown off when you pressure washed it.
  4. Jeep_Freek

    2006 wolverine 450.. help

    Questions for you..? You say it's "started going slower revving out quicker".. It sounds like either the engine isn't running well or it's in the clutch\transmission..? Does it start easily..? If it idles good.. what happens when your in park and you rev it up..? Does it rev slow or fast\normal..? When does it seem to have this problem.. in gear and iding or in neutral\park..?
  5. Jeep_Freek

    Wolverine 350 dunes

    Hi.. try and borrow or RENT a set of paddles first.. if they help.. then consider buying some..
  6. Jeep_Freek

    Wolverine 450 help please!

    I've got a Wolverine myself and have had the same problem. I am guessing it's not a cold weather related issue. It sounds like your carb is plugged up a bit. Get it started and make sure it's in neutral or in park.. then with the handle end of a screwdriver.. tap with a medium pressure on the bowl of the carb.. and then try gassing on it.. give it some RPM's.. up and down as your tapping in it. If it clears up.. Your gonna need to pull the carb or at least the bowl and clean it out if tapping on it solves your problem. It did for mine. Mine still acts up sometimes.. It doesn't like the whoops..! Hope this helps..
  7. I had no idea when I bought this '06 Yamaha Wolverine that it was much more than just a quad.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w6uNcjNfrBA
  8. Jeep_Freek


    Yup.. sure is. it's a bit heavy (600lbs.) but incredible machine.
  9. Jeep_Freek


    Nope.. not even close..! There was some deep soft sand at the bottom of the ledge and being at such a steep angle the wheels turned on me.. and the little bit of momentum kept the backend going up.. If I had of gassed it (4x4) the front end would have pulled me out of it. This time it was all good. Very slow-motion roll.. It was actually fun. ps. NO brakes were used in this short clip.
  10. Jeep_Freek


    Went riding on the dunes in N. Bend, OR. this past weekend and came home with some more awesome memories.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PHQySUAr-Rk
  11. Jeep_Freek

    my new toy!

    Nice toy.. I had a LTZ250.. was fun for putting around on.. but traded it in for my '06 Yamaha Wolverine 450 4x4 It needed servicing so I turned it over.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PHQySUAr-Rk
  12. Jeep_Freek

    Helmet camera...I know

    Hey Flynn... did you ever purchase a camera..? what did you buy.. if so..? -Bruce
  13. Jeep_Freek

    Dual Sport riding schedule for 09

    add an "s" to forums. http://www.advrider.com/forums
  14. Jeep_Freek

    Vehicle Tow Ratings Database

    Ahh.. Well.. I know it's the 5.9L CTD.. just gotta find out what gears are in it.. Maybe I'll climb under the rear and look for a tag.. or can't I take the VIN # into the dealer and get a print out of what options it came with..? Thanx for the help.. ps. I knew it had to around 12k
  15. Jeep_Freek

    How's your weather??

    Yeah.. I suppose it would be for some peeps.. but feel too restricted wearing a helmet and I get a little overheated in them too. Today, as soon as I get ready to go again.. We're going back out to Elderberry Flats to ride some more. Just can't get enough. No more rolling it today. Twice was more than enough yesterday. PS. I will ADD a new where to ride place soon. From Rogue River, go east about 27 miles. Miles and miles of trails.. free dry camping.