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    XR250L hard to start and dies when giving gas

    I own the exact bike and until I figured it out I had the same problem. If the engine is cold pull the choke all the way out. Do not give it any gas whatsoever in fact push the throttle shut. Then it will take anywhere from a few kicks to a minute of kicks and you should be good to go. When it does start do not give it any gas for like 10 seconds. Then gradually give it some gas as you totally push the choke knob in. You should be good to go at that point. On a side note I did have something weird go wrong with my kill switch in the past where it intermitantly would kill the engine even though it was in the run position. I took the switch apart and it had some good corrosion going on. I would follow that stuff first and then dig into the carb if you still can't get it to start up with 2-3 kicks.
  2. doclouie

    1986 Xr250

    Brake on a 1986 are drum and now everything is disc.