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    Top End rebuild on an 04

    Hey whats up guys...looking for some opinions here. I have my 04 CRF450 with the top end torn down, time for new valves, springs, and pistion....what brands do you reccomend? I saw a complete new head with springs and valves installed for around 700 i believe on crfsonly.com. Nothing wrong with my current head, just looking for some options. Right now im looking at a wiseco top end kit, with kibblewhite valves and springs. Gone are the cheap days of a top end rebuild on a 2 stroke. This definatly costs some money...any ideas or suggestions are greatly apreciated. Trying to get this rebuild without breaking the bank completely. Thanks in advance! James
  2. I also got in the habit of lifting a foot off on a jump, just mainly to strech my leg out. After taring my ACL on my right knee it was sore in the begining so usually off a decent jump id take some weight and pressure off of it. At 6'2, I also was very cramped on my 04 CRF 450 with the stock seat, until I got the taller seat which made a world of differnce. Now its just for control as stated before to kick the bike around a little.