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  1. waynem451

    why did 4-strokes become so popular?

    If I'm not mistaken, Honda came up with a cleaner running 2 stroke but they never put it into production.
  2. waynem451

    If you own a 2 stroke,please reply once.

    I've tried 4 strokes 4 times and always come back to the smokers. My last one was a 02 ktm 400sx bored to 450 with an E start and a 6 speed. It should have been the perfect bike for my use but it darn near wore me out on our 80 to 90 mile rides. My biggest problem with it was that I couldn't change dirtections as fast as I needed to so I encountered lots of trees and stuff. The solution,,,,,,04 KTM 300 EXC which now has been replaced by an 07 300XC. To me,weight is my biggest enemy and even if KTM does start making E start 2 strokes I'd prefer to save the weight of the extra mechanics and battery. I wouldn't be surprised if the Japs don't realize that KTM has the 2 stroke market sewn up and if they put their engeneers on it I'm sure they will come up with an injected clean running 2 stroke and lots of people will be switching back.
  3. waynem451

    Grip heaters

    I am using the KTM ones but Dual star look better. dual-star.com
  4. waynem451


    HGas anyone ridden Gtown Sat or Sun and can you tell me if the entire area is open? The hotline said the area is closed but the last posting was on Dec 10. Thx Wayne waynem451@digitalpath.net
  5. waynem451

    Anyone ride the Wild Boar ??

    Yeah, I rode it and thought it was a great course. Some said it had too much rode vs single track but I didn't think it was overly easy,,, but lots of fun. The traction was velcro and the course marking was very good except for one left turn that had the double arrows too close to a trail that dove into a small creek. The actual left turn was just down the trail. When I got there two riders were in the process of backtracking and yelled "wrong way"!! I checked the arrows again and thought that it had to be the right way,,,,, it wasn't. One of my buddies took the wrong turn also and had a head on. I think almost everyone goofed on that one. Other than that, Great marking. I got a flat a around 40 miles which put me back almost 45 minutes. By the second gas I was down to 39 minutes late. By check 11 I was only 1 minute late but many of the other guys were burning it badly. The check staff there told me that the previous riders burned 36 points by being too early. That was one of my only good checks and they threw it out. The weather was perfect and as far as I know, everyone got back safe. The pits were on private property and naturally there had to be some idiots that rode where they shouldn't and others that found it difficult to pick up their own trash. All we need is afew more like that and we can kiss off more of our areas and events.
  6. waynem451

    Chrome Ca.

    Has anyone ever heard of a riding area around Chrome Ca.? It's a few miles above Stonyford and it is in the Mendocino Forest. Wayne waynem451@digitalpath.net
  7. waynem451


    Does anyone know what the conditions are like at Moon Rocks ? Thx Wayne waynem451@digitalapth.net
  8. waynem451

    Georgetown On Monday The 31st

    I need to put in some miles before the Cowbell so I'm going up to Georgetown tomorrow, Monday, the 31 and I hate to ride alone. If anyone can join me please call me at 916-435-5373. Of course that's only if you don't mind riding with a guy on a 2 stroke!! Thx Wayne