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  1. Evening everyone, looking for a little help please. Bought an '07 WR earlier this year after 2 years on a 2002 steel frame model. Great bike, but having the same clutch issues with the new one as i had with the old WR, i.e. clutch drag. Now i found the mod on here for the old bike which suggested fitting clutch springs from the YZ model of the same year, and that worked a treat on the old bike. I've tried a search and can't find the equivalent suggestion for a mod for the '07 bike, but probably haven't done the searh properly! Anyway, are there any easy mods for the '07 WR to reduce clutch drag? thanks andrew
  2. please excuse the stupidity of this question, although in my defence there is (streetbike) precedent - can i do the clutch spring mod without draining the engine oil? it's a WR250, and i'm going to try the YZ spring fix. on my old ZX9 roadbike, you could lean it over on the sidestand, and because the oil drained to the far side of the engine, the clutch could be worked on without draining the oil - does the same principle apply to my WR? I guessed that it might, but the fact that the oil is also carried in the frame (and therefore carried higher up than a roadbike?) stopped me from trying it. i don't want to change the oil just yet as it was only changed about 100 miles ago
  3. slider107

    PowerBomb and non FMF slip ons

    thankfully the euro spec wr's we get across here came with much less restrictive stock silencers than the things you guys in the US got, so hoping i'll get good power gains with the pipe alone
  4. slider107

    PowerBomb and non FMF slip ons

    anyone tried the power bomb on the wr 250?? presumably it would have similar power gain effects? like the idea of extra grunt but not going over the top with noise
  5. slider107

    accessing rear shock for adjustment?

    thanks guys, went for the un-subtle "hit it with a hammer" option, as per Soul Man's advice, worked a treat and made a world of difference to the handling - just after getting the bike, and story goes from the dealer that the previous owner was a bit of a featherweight midget and had backed everything off to help get his feet on the ground! thanks again
  6. i'm probably being really stupid here, but how do you access the rear shock spring adjuster rings on a 2002 wr250f? can't get at it on the left side due to the air intake into the carb, and can't get at it from the right due to the shock bottle. you surely don't need to remove the carb air intake to get at the shock for adjustment do you? and yes i have tried a search with no answers
  7. slider107

    WR400 tank on a 250?

    UK spec bikes may have been different - capacity on UK bikes was only 8 litres, which is only 1.8 imperial gallons, which i think is about 2 or 2.1 US gallons
  8. slider107

    WR400 tank on a 250?

    Hi guys, newbie from the Isle of Man (next to the UK) here. there's a 3.2 gallon fuel tank for sale on ebay uk, but not sure if will fit my bike? i have a 2002 WR250F, the pre-electric start model, and the bike the tank came off was a 1999 WR400 don't know what make it is, neither does the seller. it's in yamaha blue with graphics, but i don't suppose that means much. any thoughts appreciated Andy