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  1. Buddy just bought a 02 wr426, after a 2 hour ride the other night bike started backfiring no idle ..... Changed the spark plug and gapped. Checked cap vent-good Read maybe carb dirty tps cdi????? Flywheel key sheared?? Any suggestions? Tks
  2. Thanks for the input guys, well I think I might just go pick it up. If I do, alot more questions to come. Take care Mike
  3. mifun3

    Transmission Problem!!!

    I have used diesel many times, when running hard in water and mud with our atv`s and old XR`s. If we found water in the engine oil after our rides, we would drain,fill with diesel run 30secs drain again then fill with oil. (alot cheaper then filling and draining with new old). Diesel will absorb water, leaving your engine free of moisture. Never had a clutch slip or wear prematurely either. My 0.02 L8R Mike
  4. Except for the light and electric start is there any other differences? Stroke, cams...? I`m just buying the bike for the odd quick evening and Sunday rides. Thanks, Mike
  5. Hi guys, Interested in buying a motocross, still undecided between 450R or 250t/s. How long do you guys average for a top end rebuild, also can you do it in the bike or do you remove the engine? Had a deal on a 2002 450R, but found a better deal on a 2004 $3500cdn (freshly rebuild by dealer) piston rings valves etc... I saw the part list in the file. Bike started really easy also and ran smooth no valve noise. The part that is scaring me about the 450 is the consent hearing about valve maintenance,also water pump issues. A two stroke is so simple, a rebuild is effortless, I`m scared that if I buy the 450 that i`ll end up hating the bike due to extra moving parts(valves,cam,timing chain,etc...). BTW- mostly trail riding Thanks all, Mike
  6. Hi Guys, Been out of the motocross scene for a while now due to location that I was living in. Moved back to my hometown and now I'm ready to rock and roll!!! I used to be an automotive mechanic and have had bikes whole life, last bike owned was an 84 CR500 in 1993 when I was 17 (stupid!!!) way to much bike at that age and size. Enough about me now my question? I was thinking of buying a 250 two stroke but was offered a amazingly clean 2002 CF 450r that a friend has he only rode it about 10 times for $3500 (Canadian funds). I checked around and couldn't see any under $4500 with alot more wear. Now, a few friends of mine who have 250S t/s rode last summer with a guy who had a 450r and said he would kick there asses power wise but was constantly broken down and had the hardest time starting the bike. I started the 450 that I'm intrested today, it hadn't started in a while. We had a real hard time starting it but I didn't know that it had and accelerator pump and to twist the throttle a few times before kicking it over. Finally after a while it primed itself and started. Sounds great, no valve noise and ran smooth. Now what should I do buy a powerful 450 (I can always resale for same price or more) or a simple 250 t/s? Well, thanks in advance. Glad to have found this site L8R all Mike BTW- We don't track ride, just trails, old fireroads and sand pits here and there.