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  1. Just a followup in case someone else ever needs to know .. HTH Got a Q4 based on recommendations and I can't tell if it's any louder than stock. Wouldn't say it's quieter than stock either. It sort of changed the tone of the exhaust to a somewhat higher pitch but not obnoxious. Also I didn't weigh the mufflers but they seemed close in weight by the arm balance test. Q4 felt just a little lighter. Wouldn't think the weight savings alone would justify buying the Q4 if cutting weight is anyone's top priority.
  2. I think you'd be happier with boots with some tread. I used to ride trails with mx boots but it got frustrating when we'd get off the bikes and I'd be unable to walk up or down any hills because of the smooth soles. Later on I switched to hunting boots because they had tread and were waterproof. A year or so ago I drowned my last bike in a creek. Had to pull it out of the water and push it back up this hill of doom to get it back to the truck. It took hours and it was cold and I was soaked. If I didn't have boots with tread I wouldn't have been able to make it up the hill, I would have frozen and died right there. My corpse would still be at the bottom of that hill with a rusting xr4 and shiny useless mx boots. Anyways for that reason I like the Sidi Discovery boots. Haven't tried them on but the tread and being waterproof has my interest
  3. I'm sorry did you just say "a nasty heal"?
  4. yes you can get dirt bikes titled in TN. It's common to not get them titled or registered to save money though
  5. i think you'd be happier with a 450 for hillclimbs and dunes
  6. fyi I know you said you're broke but I bought one of the manuals off ebay and it was like 15 bucks shipped. Might be cheaper than you think
  7. fyi mine is hard starting on cold days too and I'm about same elevation. I run 42/155. Everything else is stock
  8. folding pretzels?
  9. Not sure about MT43 but I think you'd be fine. I run a Pirelli MT16 110/100 which is very wide and has enormous knobs for the mud slicks we ride in. I don't think you could fit anything larger than that. It just clears.
  10. Thanks for the feedback. My stock muffler is unmodified but I'd like it to be more quiet. I put an aftermarket exhaust on an xr4 that made it quieter but didn't know if anyone had those results on the 250x
  11. Does anyone make a muffler that's quieter than stock?
  12. aha that's it! now i see one of those valve cover bolts is missing the washer. thanks a bunch guys!
  13. Here's a pic, it's about nickel sized and it says "UP" on the side shown
  14. I took the head back off. Threaded a plug through the bottom (upside down) and it went in fine. When I try to feed the plug through the top I see it from below but it never comes down far enough to catch the threads I noticed there's a rubber washer in the spark plug well. if I take it out, the plug screws in like it should. Once I put the washer back in, the plug can't reach the threads. Is that washer part of the assembly or did I drop it in there from something else?
  15. No I got the bike used and I didn't get the plug tool. I used a regular car one to remove the plug and it came out easily. Is the factory tool required?