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  1. elan666

    How do I check an ignition coil? A

    Yeah, I'm confused here. Stators are pretty easy to meter out to check for shorts and proper resistance.
  2. elan666

    Quiet Exhaust

    I had the exact same issue when I put an R pipe on mine. I ended up going with a Leo Vince slip on. Sounds much better. I've heard great things about the Q4, but thought I'd throw out another option.
  3. elan666

    Hiccup at Steady Speed

    Unplugging it will basically make it so the ignition box doesn't know what throttle position it's at. We don't know what the exact changes in the ignition box are based on throttle position because it's all proprietary information, but it does alter it. The side effect for me, was my bike ran better - and that was 7k miles ago I'm not saying it's the right thing to do, but it worked for me. Maybe my TPS is bad (it did measure up to spec based on the instructions in the manual though), but I'm not going to shell out a ton of money for another one. For me, it was night and day after unplugging it. I even took my bike in for a recall, and I knew right off the bat that they had plugged it back in. Assuming my TPS isn't bad, my theory is that these bikes weren't really designed in mind for cruising the streets at a steady speed. I'm thinking that at a certain engine speed, we might be hitting a part of the ignition map where it jumps from one map setting to another (and back and forth). You'd probably never feel or encounter this on dirt. Anyway, JD recommended it, and I trust him. or, it could be some other problem completely! :-D
  4. elan666

    low compression

    I tried to lock mine in place, but no dice. On ground, in gear, brakes on, couldn't hold it. Motion pro makes a "key" to lock the drive gears, but you have to pull the right side cover
  5. elan666

    Hiccup at Steady Speed

    Unplug the TPS, ride, report back BTW, bike looks good. Had the same problem on my 08. Per JD, I unplugged the TPS and it disappeared.
  6. elan666

    Bike keeps dying out

    Tis what I was thinking too - or you maybe just sucked up some junk into the PJ, as was mentioned
  7. elan666

    FREE decomp shaft upgrade from honda ?

    I'm the second owner of my bike and it was originally purchased in another state. Didn't have any issues getting the repair done for free. Only issue I had was 1) Having to drop the bike off before they would even order the part, and 2) having the dealer insist they do it, and then double up one of my valve cover bolt gaskets; leaving one w/o a gasket and blowing oil all over the place on my ride home. They got an earful from me after that fiasco... I can see why they'd require 1 and 2, but to F#@! up a simple gasket is inexcusable.
  8. elan666

    Which carburetor hose is the vacuum?

    Check your hot start actuation too. Mine got stuck once and acted all wonky
  9. elan666

    +17 oz Trail Tech flywheel???

    I don't believe the TRX to have a longer skirt as others on here have said. I haven't measured them, but see for yourself. If it's any longer, it's minuscule - but I think they're the same length.
  10. elan666

    36mm intake valve kit...where?

    Can't go wrong with them. They did my head 7k miles ago - no issues since. I don't remember the exact price, but it was great - and that was with shipping from Florida and back.
  11. elan666

    2008 CRF450X Carb Help With NCVS Needle

    08 needle isn't adjustable, so it looks a lot different than an adjustable one
  12. elan666

    Engine is missing during steady speeds?

    Unplug TPS, test ride, report back
  13. elan666

    Dual sport license plate bracket

    If you're gonna dual sport, I recommend the DRC Edge tail light / plate holder. Much brighter tail/brake light. Looks good and works great!
  14. elan666

    Trail tech vapor settings RPM, Temp

    265 seems really really high. I have mine set at 220/240 as well. Think I've only once hit the 220 mark - and that was at a long light or something in blazing florida mid summer heat. Can't remember what my tach is set at. Don't really care
  15. elan666

    When to change the piston

    I might be experiencing a brainfart, but what bearing are you talking about?