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  1. FogDucker

    Husky dirt bike

    The world is full of idiots. Some of them have figured out how to use the internet. Don't feel discouraged. This site is overall a very helpful place. You can get the seat height of most full size bikes down a bit by lowering the rear suspension (lowering link and such) and by shaving down the seat foam or buying a lower seat. Have a look into the options and avenues available to you for whatever makes and models you have an interest in owning.
  2. FogDucker

    ktm powerband problem . help !!!

    Silly question but, is the gearing the same on both bikes?
  3. FogDucker

    cr or rm? how do they compare?

    Have you tried adjusting the power valve at all? I was kind of in the same boat as you. I would bring the Yammi 125 and the 200 to the track, and spend the majority of my time riding the YZ. I'm not a racer. Just out there to have a good time, and for me, the snap of the 125 was just so much fun! Once I started playing with the power valve setting on the 200 though, the 125 spent more and more time sitting on the trailer, then sitting at home in the garage taking up space and collecting dust while the 200 and I went to the track, and eventually being sold. The 200 is a very fun little bike, and the personality can be tailor made to what you want it to be with a very simple adjustment. Mellow to mental in under three minutes. What worked for me might not work for you, but if you haven't tried adjusting the PV, I'd recommend giving it a try before making the decision to sell. If you have tried the PV and it's not doing it for you, then by all means, sell it for a bike that better suits your needs. Even though I'm partial to the YZ 125, I think a CR with an Eric Gorr 144 kit would be a pretty sweet set up.Should be able to get a pretty good price for the 200 to. They seem to be fairly in demand.
  4. FogDucker

    2010 ktm250sx or 09 yz250

    Congrats!! I'm very happy I made the decision to go orange. Hope you will be to.
  5. FogDucker

    2010 ktm250sx or 09 yz250

    Well, I'm a giant being that I'm a whole half inch taller than you, but I just touch with the balls of my feet. The height of course doesn't matter once your moving. The KTM has a very nice rider 'compartment'. Very easy to move around on top of the bike. Mines an 09 for reference.
  6. FogDucker

    2010 ktm250sx or 09 yz250

    I have the same half inch tear in the seat of my KTM. May have something to do with it popping off the trailer at 35mph? Cheap straps though. Worth about what I paid for them! Can your dealer import a YZ from north of the border? There was a dealer here in Calgary that had a couple of left over 09's.
  7. FogDucker

    2010 ktm250sx or 09 yz250

    Great, and on topic post! Great advice in general really. You could remove KTM and Yamaha, and plug in any other two brands, and still up up with a good sound answer.
  8. FogDucker

    2010 ktm250sx or 09 yz250

    Welcome back Dunno_Y, aka La Trevi and the many other usernames that you have used before being banished. Enjoy your stay. By the looks of things it'll be a short one!
  9. FogDucker

    Where are all the spoiled rich kids at?

    Haha! The name actually comes from the nine years I spent as a bush pilot in northern Ontario and the Northwest Territories. I can however see how it would cause some confusion.
  10. FogDucker

    Where are all the spoiled rich kids at?

    Awesome Christmas man!! I got my dog back too! She was sick for a week with a grim prognosis...throwing up, not eating or drinking. Force fed her and hydrated her using a syringe. We were told she had an enlarged liver and spleen, probably cancer, and to take her home and enjoy her. As of today, she's been eating, drinking, playing, normal bowels, being her wonderfully abnormal self for exactly one week. Best Christmas gift ever! Sucks to see your friend so sick. Hope your pup continues to improve and makes a full recovery!
  11. Sucks dude! I just purchased a Stelt from dirtbikebitz, and after payment was processed, I received it in about 10 days. Sounds like their customer service is somewhat hit or miss, and I may have just been luckier than you.
  12. That's a great set up you've got yourself there! I use to trailer behind a Jetta TDI. If it wasn't for the practicality of truck ownership at this point in my life, I'd still be towing to the track with the V-dub.
  13. Unless you're a teenager or a convict, I'd say go with MXA.
  14. Cycle Improvements in Waterloo Ontario have an MX Tech suspension guy.
  15. FogDucker

    are there any problems with yz125s

    Pretty much the same bike that you'll find on showroom floors today, but with BNG and Excel hover rims.