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    Perpetual dirty carb

    Hello all, I have a 1996 DR 650 SE. I don’t get to ride it much…..lets just say it’s a 96 with 4000 miles on it……any way, when I do get a chance to ride it, the carb is always dirty to the point it barely runs if it starts at all. I tip the carb on its side, spray out with carb cleaner, reassemble, and it runs perfectly. This takes about 20-30 min. Believe me, when I get a chance to go take a 2 hr ride, it really sucks to have to take 30 min to clean the carb. What I have done is this: 1) Emptied and flushed the tank of any old gas and refilled with new. No rust or debris in the tank at all, totally clean. 2) Cleaned the in tank filters, they were clean in the first place, so they are extra clean now….. I guess. 3) Added an in-line filter. 4) Tried adding fuel stabilizers with no effect When I clean the carb it just seems like I am cleaning “residue” of evaporated fuel. The bike sits about a month between rides and it doesn’t seem right that I have to clean the carb this often. What I would like to do is before parking the bike, is turn off the gas and let the bike “run out of gas” so there is no gas to evaporate. The problem is that the fuel switch only has an “on”, “res”, “pri” and no “off”. I tried to pull the vacuum source but it rarely can stay running. Any ideas?