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  1. ivecrossedto4smokes

    2008 Connecting Rod?

    I just put an 08 crank, in my 07. The 08 rod is a little beefier. Havent started it yet but everything went back together fine. I would never send a crank to Falicon... I have heard too many horror stories..
  2. ivecrossedto4smokes

    07-06 kx250f problems??? (your input/review)

    I had an 06, had about 35 hours on it and it went.(I maintained it meticiously) Everything but the cases, tranny, and clutch had to be replaced. It all depends on how hard you ride them... I know novice riders that can get 80-100 hours on valves. Am's and Experts not nearly that long. If I were to buy another 250f again i would change the valves/springs every 20-25 hours. Its not just the kawasaki's, this is true for all 250f's. Its not a bad bike just sometimes there is a downfall of turning 12-13 k with so many moving parts.
  3. ivecrossedto4smokes

    woodruff key came out??

    yes i have heard the same thing... and no it was not the cam chain guide tab piece. It was an extra woodruff key! My bike must have been built at 4:30 on friday...
  4. ivecrossedto4smokes

    woodruff key came out??

    I had an early 06, and there was a second woodruff key floating around in there. It chewed up the stator and I needed to get a new stator, but Kawi made good on it and covered it.
  5. ivecrossedto4smokes

    cylinder head plug

    Yes it is. Thank you. So i guess it is flat against the cylinder head, with the side of the tab resting on the knob to keep it from rotating.. mike
  6. ivecrossedto4smokes

    cylinder head plug

    There is a a little black plug and a metal tab above the exhaust on the cylinder head, what is the proper way the tab should be placed? Sitting on top of the little knob? Mike
  7. ivecrossedto4smokes

    any 250fs for sale

    Ill be selling my 06 250f in a couple weeks. $4500 and im in CT. Mike
  8. ivecrossedto4smokes

    250f head?

    Does anyone have a good head or even complete motor they are looking to sell? Thanks Mike
  9. ivecrossedto4smokes

    suspension question

    static is about 45mm, suppose to 25-35.. kicks side to side is the main issue and up and down sometimes depeding on the track conditions
  10. ivecrossedto4smokes

    suspension question

    what spring rate is everybody running in the 150-160lbs bracket? how did they feel it handled compared to stock? I got a factory connection revalve (still doesnt handle right) and they recommended a 4.8 but that seems to light. I was thinking 5.0.. anyone have any input
  11. ivecrossedto4smokes

    5.0 spring

    any body have a 5.0 or a 4.8 spring for the 06 that they want to sell??
  12. ivecrossedto4smokes

    powervalves on kx 125

    the ring is wearing on the exhaust bridge, wore about a 1/16th of a inch! not that much time either...
  13. ivecrossedto4smokes

    powervalves on kx 125

    ran motul for like a year a half and just recently started running castor, just redid topend so its not the oil making them stick (was doing same thing b4 and after top end rebuild just thought the problems were related to the ridicolous amount of wear on the piston ring) also how long have people with 03-05 been able to go b4 changing the ring?
  14. ivecrossedto4smokes

    powervalves on kx 125

    has anyone else had problems with the powervalves on their 125s? my lil brother has my old 04 125 and the powervalve is messed up it seems out of adjustment but i dont think there are even adjustments? its not sticking but its not opening fully and or at the right time.. bike barely goes into the powerband.. any ideas? mike
  15. ivecrossedto4smokes

    Neck Rolls -- Use them? Like them?

    Any form of neck protection is definitely important. I will not even ride if I dont have it. I really think that they should be required in the youth class at least. I had a EVS RC 1 for a couple of seasons, and honestly i never really got that comfortable with it. Then i lost it and decided to try the PCS one and im definitely satisfied with it. Maybe not quite the same level as protection(especially when people dont know how to attach them directly under the helmet), but it is all around much more comfortable and looks much better to top it off (i know that shouldn't matter but it does). While I've never worn the 661 it seems that the material is VERY soft and wouldn't support your head very well in a crash which is something to think about. Personally I would recommend the PCS.