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  1. kannahavemore

    collar bone !!!!!

    what is the consences about overall long term strenth plate vs let'r heal ?????
  2. kannahavemore

    collar bone !!!!!

    Dr. I appreciate you soooo much. Iam giong to relax a little and inquire about the plate.
  3. kannahavemore

    collar bone !!!!!

    Dr Mark, came off the bike last week broke my collar bone , three pieces, two main one bone shard. only seen in ER by a PA. 10 days for appointment with bone doc. I have bleeding under the skin it has migrated down below my chest. Im a little worried. is this much bleeding within normal, can I wait for the appoinment or should I consider another trip to the ER.?????
  4. kannahavemore

    ready to race ?????

    I am thinking of racing this weekend for the first time in a hare & hound here in Nevada but Im not sure Im ready cuz I cant figure out how to put on my stinking number plate background !!!!!!! any help would be apreciated !!!!
  5. kannahavemore

    FMF Ti Powercore...1st Ride

    damn you all damn you I say !!! I just put the Q2 on my bike and I love it !!!!! I dont need more power, I dont need more power , I dont need more power, I dont need more power, I dont need more power, I dont need more power, I dont need more Power, But wait its lighter,
  6. kannahavemore

    05 WR450 FMF power kit !!!

    not yet, and because I had to file the MAJ hole on the power now because of the factory pro jet kit mod I was about to ebay the piece of tin, however I have done soo much tinkering and the bike is soo strong now that I am not changin a thing for a while !!!@! PS, did I say how much easier the bike fires !!!!
  7. kannahavemore

    05 WR450 FMF power kit !!!

    Just installed the FMF power kit!!! I have a zipty factory pro jetting kit and a boysen quick shot installed. The power kit comes with the Q2 pipe and the power bomb header along with the Power now from scary fast. The retail on the kit saves about a hundred $ over separate and got 20% off that. So, I cant even believe the bike now, If you were looking for low to mid power gains I strongly recomend this kit. My riding pal who is also the one I bounce everything off of was amazed at the power. He is an expert class desert racer who has done vegas to reno and lots of local racing. He rides a 2005 CR450r and he had ridden my bike stock and was less than impressed. after the free mods the jet kit and the pipe he thinks my bike may be faster than his!!!! but the low end grunt is the best gain!!! Im jones'n to ride again after 40 miles yesterday. hope this helps put a smile on someone elses face Oh and the pipe sounds great!!! and is still quiet!!!!
  8. kannahavemore

    JD jetting kit?!

    I was running sock needle with a larger pilot cuz the bike was sooo lean. I did ask someone about both kits and they leaned me toward the factory pro kit, but having said that I think that either kit will wake up your bike in a way that you have yet to say wooo hooo about. Just get it done !!! talk to the guys at JD and the guys at Zipty or factory pro ask them about the kind of power they get from the kit and find what you are looking for. also, make sure that you have your solution for exhaust figured in as well before you get your jet kit!!!! Or be prepared for more tuning and adjusting!!! I just put on the power bomb,scary fast, Q2 , power kit from FMF and after the adjustments on my carb this bike has unbelievable low to mid power now !!! I am soo happy with it. I did fourty miles yesterday and was just smiling all day.
  9. kannahavemore

    JD jetting kit?!

    I just finished the factory pro kit and the bike is running soooo strong!!! the JD kit has sooo much data on this web site for elevation and such that it is tough to look past. I got the zipty kit with all the extra col stuff and I am stoked with it. Having said that, you will have to do some fabricating of the carb, IE drilling out the MAJ and tapping it for a new MAJ. Then you had better be ready to take off the carb multiple times while finding the right mix of jett, needle, float height etc. It is involved but I will tell you I think it is worth it. The performance is amazing. Also I have to say that the factory pro people are really helpfull!!
  10. kannahavemore

    05 WR450 decel pop

    best bet is a jetting kit, your 05 is extremely lean to meet emmisions req for cal. thumpertalk makes a kit to take off the smog. Its called the AIS kit in thumpertalk store. Try a larger pilot, you prob have a 45, go to 48 and try that with the AIS kit. Then do the free mods and a jd or factory pro jetting kit and unleash the beast you can get to the jets by rotating the carb but remember you have to take off the hot start on the top of the carb to rotate the carb.
  11. kannahavemore

    knee still sore post ACL. How Long?

    well jan 25 is one year so I am in!!! thankyou for the time you spend responding to all of us and for giving of your expertise to benefit us all here.
  12. kannahavemore

    knee still sore post ACL. How Long?

    so doc where does that leave me ??? I love to ride and ski and wakeboard and am doing all of those things again. Should I relegate myself to the couch Ted Bundy style. Am I at undoo risk for the repeat injury You kinda got me feelin blue!!!
  13. kannahavemore

    knee still sore post ACL. How Long?

    I apreciate that imput and having five physicians in the family, I am always in a convo about something related to the bod, having said that I was wondering about your comment about alograph / drinking and driving, I spoke to my physician Dr Terry Orr Tahoe Fracture & ortho alot about the choice between alo and tendon, the choice was based on down time and back to work recovery time VS strength and activity. Like you I ski and in fact that is how I hammered my knee. Deep heavy sierra cement. I was reassured that ultimately with my workout regimen that my knee would be fully recovered. So what gives, did I get worked by my doc on the choice ???? we talked in depth about my activities and such. I did have a job to consider in my decision as well six figures I could not lose. We felt this was best but hmmmm guess its all retrospect now.
  14. kannahavemore

    knee still sore post ACL. How Long?

    I had ACL and meniscus surgery january 25 of last year, the ortho for the US Ski team did mine, I had an alograft-cadaver and my rehab was very progressive but slow. Something that has to be talked about and remembered for all who are in the 90-120 day area after surgery is that in fact the tissue that is implanted whether yours or someone elses DIES!!!! your body then builds over that tissue. Just about the time that you feel great and go back to work and start to test it, the knee may be at its weakest point!!!! Be carefull!!!! My ortho is also a client of mine and we talk alot about injury/prevention and conditioning. He warned me not to come back to him for sympathy if I jacked up my knee at that point. 40K and do it over no thanks.
  15. kannahavemore

    Factorypro/ ZipTy racing jet kit

    well did about fourty five miles today mostly singletrack, hit some snow bout 6500 ft on the ridges and the rest of the time was spent in washes Is there anything on this earth as sweet as DG when its wet!!!! So the bike ate fuel like I cant believe ran out at about fourty miles with the stock tank. bike made a ton of power 50% - 100% but was rich across the rpm band, not soo much that I couldnt enjoy the ride but was choking out a bit , I am at 5000 ft and ran between 5000 and 6500 today.