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  1. FOZZ

    My WR450 Supermoto project

    Yes sir - thats one nicely done Yamaha...
  2. Updated Enhanced Inspection Stations for 2008. The ones listed in BOLD do bikes. http://www.dmv.state.pa.us/pdotforms/inspections/enhancedstations.pdf Here is a county map to find the closest one to you...
  3. Zip 15849 North Cental Thanks for the shop info, the enhanced inspections are hard to find. Surprised to hear a backwoods shop is getting er done.
  4. FOZZ

    Post your WR pictures Here !!!!!!!

    Couple new ones
  5. Tweav - I googled that info & didnt get a hit, can ya please shoot me contact info.. Thanks
  6. FOZZ

    Post Pics Of Your Supermoto!!

    Just snapped a pile of pics of the beast after the winter downtime mod fest - did some choppin' / black powdercoat / fabed a dash out of steel with (a mother FN dremmel) & serveral other things.. Here it is with the track plastics - Got another set with street lights.
  7. FOZZ

    New Ama Etown Supermoto Practice Dates

    Thanks Bro, I got most of that covered except rear caliper - Dont see what to do on it ? Running engine ice - They better like it too
  8. FOZZ

    Supermoto slick picks...

    The idea got my wheels turning upstairs too...
  9. FOZZ

    Supermoto slick picks...

    Thats good to know - whats the life of the Mich SM Slick (mi or hr) guess ? I run Pilot Powers on both of my bikes & love em.. Was going to try the new CT2 duel compound tire on the R1 next.. They dont make a 160 yet but im thinking of getting a set of slicks for better track grip.. Do you guys have multiple wheel sets w/ different tires that ya switch to accordingly for track / road / rain ? That would be nice right - 3 sets of hoops...
  10. FOZZ

    New Ama Etown Supermoto Practice Dates

    I hope to make em all - YAY Is it $100 each day ? Inspections ? THANKS..
  11. FOZZ

    Supermoto slick picks...

    Is it a must to use tire warmers when running SM slicks ?
  12. Called 5 of them in the area & they dont do bikes.. This one may but not open till tommorow - gonna give them a try then.. Clarion Cycle I-80 Shippenville exit Sun & Mon Closed Tues, Wed, Thurs 9:00-6:00 Fri 9:00-8:00 Sat 9:00-3:00 (814)-226-7433
  13. The RC51 with a nice pipe is the best sounding machine on the highway.. Sold my TL1000R last year - V-Twin Sportbikes ROCK.....
  14. FOZZ

    STM Slipper clutch variations?

    The differences are the 2 pressure disks that are in it (I think) for different tensions / slip levels..
  15. The wheels are the chit - Ive gone down large concrete stairs / old rutty dirt roads / so far & they are rock solid.. They are lighter & have been proven to be stronger than spoked wheels.. Marchesini Supermotos: 3.5 x 17 front / 5.0 x 17 rear Pilot Power: 160/60ZR17 front / 120/70ZR17 rear No thats not me - im around the Clearfield Area..