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  1. tommymoto

    Angel Fire results.

    I'm working on rebuilding the site almost from scratch to eliminate the server conflicts and have tried to get the most recent info up first. I'm going to get the results for Angel Fire, Dunes and PMI back up tonight. I will be taking pieces down from time to time while I rework things. We were trying to wait till the end of the season but a few issues kept popping up. Check back on Thursday and I should have those scores back up for you.
  2. tommymoto

    Endurocross on tv?

    I talked with the film crew after the race and they said that there is no date set yet but they were planning on end of December or January for it to show on OLN. They made it sound like the DVD would come first though.
  3. tommymoto

    2005 Spectators What did you all think?

    The race was great and it was a great excuse to get out of Colorado to hang out in in the great Las Vegas again. I got to sit through all the action from practice all the way through Friday and Saturday's programs. The best racing seemed to be with the guys (and couple of girls) on Friday. It was great watching those riders hang it out to get into Saturday's racing. Congrats to those who had the guts to fling themselves and their bikes through that course. As a side note: Did anyone else think that Dowd's move on #57 to take 2nd place was a bit out of line. He couldn't beat him to the corner so he had to ram the other guy's front wheel as he went over the two logs before the tires at the very end of the race. Racing is racing and bumping and stuffing and stealing lines, but is it supposed to be deliberate take out moves? Sorry John, you loose my vote...
  4. tommymoto

    What is the difference?

    For those of you not so close to the desert, Hare Scrambles and Euro Scrambles can be run in the woods, mountains, swamps, or anywhere else. Many will run shorter routes from 4 miles and up for a set amount of time that can be anywhere from 40 minutes to over 2 hours. From what I've heard, the difference between a hare and hound and a scramble is that a hare and hound is a set number of laps whereas a scramble is a set amount of time.