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  1. Drained Tank, cleaned carb. Bike will idle with the choke off (Very Very Rough). Rides well at high speed. Really jerky at low speed. Cleaning carb was a great improvement, still not right. Should I clean the carb again. Also the throttle stuck while riding till the kill switch was hit (Did this twice). Scared wife put bike away.
  2. I installed the new perch today. Disconnected the safety switch. Pulled the wire under the gas tank and zip tied it to the frame were you cant see it. Works great. The starter is not strong enough to actually start in gear. If you did make a mistake and started it in gear with the clutch out its a very light jump.
  3. I want to put a Works Connection Elite perch on a TTR 250. Has anybody tried this? It looks like a will have to disconnect the clutch switch lead (safety to keep from starting in gear).
  4. I will pull the carb apart and clean. Hope it's this simple. Thanks
  5. Just cleaned the air filter before my wife rode Saturday. Tank was almost empty with last seasons fuel, I topped off with fresh fuel. Should I drain all the fuel and start over?
  6. 2004 TTR 250 running increasingly worse since last season. Bike has always started ok, but it has taken a long time to take off the choke. Now, can't ride it with the choke off at all. Any ideas?