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  1. how are these mounts working for you guys? is the brake pedal and shifter affected at all when u install them. It is really hard to stand up and ride with these mounts so high!!
  2. go with a 160cc superhead bore kit. then get the dual exhausts. then u will be fast
  3. does anyone know if a gpx motor will bolt onto a 2006 125cc sikk mx pit bike? thanks guys
  4. i miss my 05 pitster. never had any problems at alll.. both of mine were stolen
  5. lean back and pin it:ride:
  6. ya i noticed that too
  7. i wanna see some pics of them
  8. i thought that the 110's were a 450 tire??
  9. i am running a stock gear renthal sprocket
  10. quick steel.. i would put soome quick steel to get rid of that hole or oil will eak out..
  11. thanks for the replys guys.. im thinkin the will be pretty expensive
  12. Does anyone know when the 250f's will be fuel injected? is it going to be in 08?
  13. see dan he likes the motovert one!!!! HAHAH -chris
  14. i have a 2005 crf250r and i do not have as much compression that i used to have. The bike almost never starts as well. Do you guys think my valves are tight? I am thinking that i need to put a new topend in the bike. What should i do guys?
  15. correct....they are still decent forks though....they are much like the staggs ones