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  1. fatbelly

    xt225 serrow oil filter

    Can any of you tell me some after market oil filters for my wifes bike? It is a 1992 Xt225 D Serrow. ( Canadian version)The Yamaha dealer won't give me the numbers I need and I don't want to spend the big bucks just for the Yami name.. Thanks
  2. fatbelly

    Help out the old man, please!!

    Is that a 4 stroke? I live in Hope. And thanks for the help.
  3. fatbelly

    Hard starting XL350R

    Does anyone know why my old 1984 Honda is so damn hard to start when it is cold. I had a tune up and valves adjusted and nothing changed. I am talking like 40-50 kicks. Some where in the middle of all this kicking I usually get a few huge backfires too. When it is warm just a few kicks and away she goes. HELP!
  4. fatbelly

    Help out the old man, please!!

    Hi all. Hey I need some advise from you guys who ride and know your Hondas. I have an old XL350R 1984 to be exact. I want a newer one that has at least the power I have right now. My dilema is that Honda doesn't make a 350 anymore. So knowing that technology has come a long ways since 1984 will a 250 be close or do I have to go to the 450. If some years were lemons let me know too please. I want to stay with the four stroke and want an electric start. I ride mostly old logging roads and occasionally hit the single track but I am far from an aggressive rider, just like to get in some fresh air if you can relate. Any help would be great. Thanks.
  5. Hi guys. I know there must be some motorhead out there somewhere who can help me. I have to change the bearing on the brake side of the rear wheel but I can't read the darn number. It is a 4 digit number but I can only read the first 3 which are, 630... need the fourth number. It also has the letters DU and NSK. HELP!! Email me if you want.
  6. fatbelly

    Chiliwack and locall area/FraserValley.

    We were at Nicklemine on Sunday and it was a blast. Have you been there? It was a little wet but who cares about a little water, right. At least it isn't cold out. Great riding.
  7. fatbelly

    sand dunes in canada

    If your are headed West you may as well check out the huge area of sand dunes just North of Leader Sask. West of Swift Current. Not any kind of park to my knowledge. If you want more info e-me.
  8. fatbelly

    ttr225 cold starting problems

    Thanks guys. I will check and try the suggestions. I just got this bike so I haven't figured out its little quirks. As for the 122.5 that is what this bike came with,(Can.) version.
  9. fatbelly

    ttr225 cold starting problems

    Thanks but that is what it already has. 122.5 MJ as well.
  10. Ok, I have a 1992 225 Serrow( whatever) I live in B.C. Canada and I ride in elevations ranging from sealevel to 4,000 ft in the same day. My biggest problem is starting my bike when it is cold. You can turn it over all day and it just won't start, I even tried pulling it with my truck and that never work either. New plug, gas and carb cleaned. It comes stock with a 122.5 M.J. and 42.5 P.J. I raised the clip one notch. I have read lots of posts here and really don't know where to start. The plug looks black but no residue. I have seen post going up to 132 on the M.J. But as far as I figure the P.J. is more likely to effect the start up rather than the M.J. Help! P.S. when it does start I can't touch the throttle or it dies. Come on someone out there can help me, right?
  11. fatbelly

    ttr225 cold starting problems

    Can someone help me out please. I have a 1992 225 that just does not start when it is cold. It is stock. I have cleaned the carb, lifted the needle one notch, new spark plug and changed the gas. I have to engage the starter for only a couple seconds (4-5) disengage the starter do this a few times and if I am lucky it will try to catch but if I hold the starter on when it starts to fire it won't. I have to release it and start again. If I even touch the throttle it dies immediately. It won't start by pushing it either I even pulled the darn thing behind my truck and it never started. Well? Has anyone had this happen to them, HELP!! If this keeps up the next time it gets towed by my truck with no one on it! HA!
  12. fatbelly

    TTR 225 won't start.

    Hi all! Just checked this site out today, yup you guessed it I have a Yam 225 and it won't start so I started to search the web to see what info I could find. Stumbled across this site and it looks like a great place to share similar interests, found the same for snowmobiling awhile ago. Any how I hope some of you can steer me straight before I go nuts. I have a 92 Serro 225 that has just now decided not to start. Choke, no choke, throttle, no throttle, half and half ... it just doesn't matter it won't start. It may fire once or twice but that is it just a quick fire and dies, ( not even 3or4 seconds) . I am going to replace the gas and get a new plug tomorrow and if that doesn't help, well that is why I am here. It does have spark to the plug (which is wet and black) so I don't think it is that kickstand switch, am I correct? I have never ridden a bike like this and don't know what to expect from it but I also have an old XR350L (1984) and the Honda really makes the Yam seem kinda gutless. Like I said though I just got this bike and don't know what to expect. Later all and I am looking forward to conversing with more of you, later.