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  1. justin j

    help with poping

    srry about that ya it is a 05 yz450 and we live in san diego but thanks for all the advice going to try everything and get back to u guys thanks again
  2. justin j

    help with poping

    k now that i have it idling good now it keeps popping on deceleration it has a 168 main jet and 45 pilot we tryed putting a 165 main but i think it mad it worse the only think the bike hason it is a pro circuit pipe can any one help ?
  3. justin j

    need some help on yz450f

    thanks for all the help!!!! it didnt have the o ring for the pilot screw .
  4. ok i got a 05 yz450f with a pro circuit pipe on it . i got for $1200 buck cuz it didnt run. we got it to start using the choke but when we turn the choke off it dies . we tryed adjusting the fuel scerw and changing the main and pilot jet but it didnt work. the main jet that was in there was a 168 the pilot was a 45 the one we have in there now is a 165 main and a 42 pilot . the fuel screw is at 2 turn. really need some help if anyone can thanks.
  5. help if any one has any top end parts for a XRL 650 lrt me no
  6. justin j

    top end PARTS 94 XR650L

    hey i was just woundering if any one had 94 XR650L extra top end parts that they dont need any more and that are still good?