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  1. zracer617

    Steering stem nut

    I replaced mine with the stock Yamaha Nut which has a regular hex shape
  2. zracer617

    KFX450 or RMZ450

    Its funny how the KXF owner results were slightly skewed. When a impartial party dynoed the bike it made 5 hp less than what was posted. I believe the true # was 47 hp the tests I have seen on the RMZ show 49 HP
  3. zracer617

    KX450F on the Dyno...

    The only #'s I can find are on the 05 @ 49.2 stock http://www.twobros.com/Cust_Service/Dyno_Charts/Suzi_2005_RM-Z450_hp&torq.pdf
  4. zracer617

    KFX450 or RMZ450

    I have ridden both bikes as well you can not go wrong with either. They actually run quite similar. My thoughts are the RMZ makes more Down low and the KXF pulls harder on top. They also handle very similar but the KXF's front end seems to push a little whereas the RMZ's front end stays planted. You can go from the KXF to the RMZ and immediately feel comfortable. I chose the RMZ simply because of the experience with my 05 RMZ. I had exactly zero problems after 56 motos. They only maintenance I did was filter changes, oil changes and cam chain adjustments. The valves were in spec everytime they were checked. I took a chance with the first year RMZ and after the reliability of the bike I decided to go with a Suzuki again.
  5. zracer617

    '05 Rm-z 450

    my local dealer is selling 06's for 6150 OTD
  6. zracer617

    mxa said

    Your mistaking the CRF for the RMZ
  7. zracer617

    WOW!! It is great! second ride.

    That's exactly what makes the RMZ so great. The fact that it has very manageable power. YZF owners were saying how much faster it was than the RMZ because of the Brutal hit of the YZF but at the end of the day the RMZ is just as fast. The KXF just makes power different it is no faster. Actually when we lined them up the RMZ pulled the KXF. The KXF is not the Godsend to the 450 class it is a solid bike and I would not have a problem having one. Kawasaki did there homework and released a good bike. But did they reinvent the class? I don't think so. Ride all the 450's which ever one you feel more comfortable on buy. The performance is not all that different no matter RED, BLUE, YELLOW or GREEN
  8. zracer617

    The KX450f can take a hit!!!!

    I think you heard footsteps behind you!
  9. zracer617

    WOW!! It is great! second ride.

    As the owner of the RMZ I will clarify. The KXF and the RMZ felt very similar to me. The front fender of the KXF gives you the feeling that it is shorter than the RMZ. I was able to hit the same lines on either bike. Power delivery is different on each bike. But the million dollar question is which is faster. The answer neither one will run away from the other. They just make there power at different times. In all I think you can not go wrong with either bike. The brakes are better on the Kaw. I feel that the RMZ feels lighter but I think a lot of that can come with setup. If you get onto someone Else's bike and the bars are rolled further, Different bend etc. it can tend to feel somewhat clumsy. I think 38 will concur. The KXF is a good bike though.
  10. zracer617

    Sub Frame.....

    I don't know of any aftermarket sub-frames yet TI or Alum. I have a extra new stock sub-frame retail is $422.00. I got a good deal on it I would be willing to get rid of it for well under the retail price.
  11. zracer617

    2nd Rear Wheel Set - RMZ450

    I got my rear hub (stock) for 155.00. If anyone needs one let me know I can get more.
  12. zracer617

    comparing the 05 to 06

    I feel a big difference between my 05 and 06. The combo of the new head and pipe really seems to give it more grunt. I think the suspension changes make a big difference as well. My 05 is bone stock, but I rode a buddys 05 yesterday with yosh full system and few other mods and it still did not pull like the 06. For a couple hundred dollars more the 06 is worth it.
  13. zracer617

    Waiting on my 06'...

    why go to MD I am assuming you went to deep creek. Pa dealers can and will beat their prices. I know the shop I got mine still has a 06 on the floor
  14. zracer617

    Difference between '05 / '06 RMZ450

    I spoke with Yoshimura, they told me the 05 pipe will bolt right on. However due to the motor changes (new Head). They came out with new pipes tuned specifically for the 06.
  15. zracer617

    Can you get this Bike this cheap!

    $6599.00 + Dest + tax & title in PA, But it came with a full Yoshimura system.