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  1. debo912

    husky wre 125 restrictors:S?

    yeah well there aint no ring in the exhaust i found out its a cone in the exit of the expansion chamber, i ve never heard of tht b4 :S
  2. debo912

    husky exhaust

    he guys just wondering wot kinda DEP (front&back pipe) will fit a husky wre125 thanks
  3. debo912

    husky wre 125 restrictors:S?

    ok thanks alot guys but 2 questions wot i lookin for in airbox and i looked at start of exhaust (barrel exit) i aint see anything in there is it actually beside expansion chamber?
  4. hey guys any1 know exactly where the restrictors are on a 03 wre 125 because right now i getting beat by a dt125 and i cant let this happen i need more power ^^ i know tht there are non in the exhaust i just dont want to open carb and take things out not knowing if thts wot i was ment to do thanks