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  1. well just brought a 450 ktm again , last one i had was 08 wots the low down , wot have people been doing to them to make them better rode it sun for 1st time and its fairly good , just need to sort suspension out and i think ill be good to go
  2. i got a tec touch rear shock on my 09 yzf and run 5x .30s on the reb , works good for me
  3. been playing a little with a set of these my take is i think the bushes in the spring side will wear out quick as there is only a little oil in there fork spring proload is important on these forks , more than others i think
  4. and a nice sticker
  5. fit some of daves alloy ones , they are vented and look trick as , shame ya carnt see them
  6. as mog says std is good correct springs are way better that any after market pistons
  7. why are the us shocks shorter then ,. or am i missing something
  8. ive used one for ages to , cheers mog , i removed the drill bit and replaced it with a pointed bit of steel just to center it , works great and quick
  9. just looked at there fork spring tester , just a load cell by the look of it and a tube to fit the spring into !
  10. ok thany you very much , ill have a look in the morning i did find a bad wire in the cdi plug but that wasent the problem thanks again
  11. you say you fitted a battery to test , were are you joining it into , ive a 09 one here that wont start unless you give it some gas in the plug hole , once it starts it runs fine witch plug did you have problems with thanks stu ive just found a bad wire in the cdi but still no joy , so i conected a battery to the throtle body , (the wires that come from the black part on the bottom of the body , and it started , still took a few kicks but it runs are people leaving the battery conected and bypasing this ?
  12. wot year cases fit a 06 , will early cases fit say 02-04 also are the gearboxes the same , have one that has done gears and cases but strugling to find 06 stuff but lots of early stuff about any help would be greatfull
  13. mog , ive a tec touch shock with a very simliar reb stact to daves and it works ok when charging hard , not so good when ya slow down have you got a dell taco set up ?
  14. can be a proper pain when the grub screw rounds off
  15. ive been useing a 08 rear whell in my 09 same thing realy 06 axle/spacers, adjuster blocks but i use a small spacer in the 09 brake carrier , works a treat and cheeper than having to get yet another wheel