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  1. deej

    KLX 250 Won't Start

    Have you drained the old gas out of the carb and let fresh gas in and tried it with a fully charged battery?
  2. deej

    KLX250S cold starting

    Cold has nothing to do with it. Its the crap gas they are producing these days and the fact that the KLX is notorious for hard starting if it sits for a few days. Try this, then report back. My bike just sat for 2 months and when I put it away I ran the gas out using the engine. Yesterday I went for a ride, open up the gas, pulled the choke, and bam it fired up after only turning over 3 times. Alls I'm sayin. Shut down procedure. 1. After riding as you are pulling into your driveway, or to speed things up you can do this a block from your house, turn off the gas. 2. Let the bike run until it actually dies from gas starvation, (this may take 2-5 minutes) But that's ok it will give you time to put away your gear. 3. Park it and now you're ready for the next time you ride whether that be in a day, or a month. Start up procedure. 1. Turn on the gas 2. Wait for 10 seconds 3. Start the bike as you always do Now I know some of you are asking why not just drain the bowl and then you can start the bike. Well there are two reasons. It it harder to drain the bowl by hand than to let the bike do this as it runs out of gas, and by running the gas out using the motor, it assures that all of the small areas that would otherwise still have this junk they call fuel will be empty, ready for fresh, (fresher) gas to get in and do its job. Now all of that being said, I came up to work yesterday to let my son ride the moped up on the lawn and I cranked on the bike for a few minutes, and then I thought I wonder if I can drain the bowl and do the "after thought" procedure to get this thing going? Well I drained the bowl, turned the gas back on and two kicks and it was running. Keep in mind that the moped is a two stroke, and it has been sitting up at work in a mechanical room for about 2 months. So either way, whether running the gas out using the motor so you are ready to go next time (which I think is faster and more efficient) or you drain the bowl using the screw at the bottom of the carb, the results are the same, you get your bike started. And I even guess some people would say that this is a hassle, but I gotta tell you that cranking on a bike for 5 minutes off and on only to run the battery down and still have not started the bike is way more of a hassle than a little time taken to get ready for the next ride. This last summer I rode my bike everyday for about 3 months, and it always started right up,by riding the bike everyday I had gas in the bowl that didn't have enough time to "change". Next summer I will probably go back to leaving the gas on and not draining the bowl. but on the wife's bike the procedure will always be to run it out of gas since she doesn't ride as often as I do.
  3. deej

    End of the KLX-250S ?

    They probably realized that the 2006 KLX 250S broke the mold and they couldn't improve anything. lol? Case in point...
  4. deej

    1999 Kawasaki KLX300 Resoration

    Awesome job! Very clean and I love the green Kawi across the cover. Saweeeeet!
  5. www.kawasakiforums.com Come on over and we will answer all your questions. Tell them Deej sent you.
  6. deej

    1999 Kawasaki KLX300 Resoration

    Am I seeing things or did the steering head bearing races get painted?
  7. Guys there is probably no issue with the fan. I bought my KLX in November of 05 and have had the fan come on only a couple of times in all those years. Only happens on single track, in first gear on a 100 degree day.
  8. deej

    KLX250H Questions?

    That's a fair and actually even better price than I have seen recently. You got any pictures?
  9. The low miles make up for the slightly higher price. Its a great deal.
  10. deej

    Picked up a new bike

    NICE!!!!!! Here's mine
  11. deej


    Full Muzzy pipe Jetted to 132 and 40
  12. It sounds like a plugged jet, and has nothing to do with the low oil. my two cents.
  13. deej

    buying today, have some ?'s

    Sounds like an ok deal, oh by the way...... www.kawasakiforums.com hehehe shameless plug