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  1. Tibbles

    smoke on startup

    ya bud my 2010 does it too
  2. Tibbles

    Post pics of your 2010!

  3. Tibbles

    2010 rm-z

    Yep same day service. I'm going to drop it off in the morning and take it home with me. on a side note the bike is working great, starts second kick cold or hot, sounds great with the stock exhaust, and corners like a dream and the power is very usable and smooth. I like this bike much more than my 07 crf250r, but the honda had more power up high in the rpm. ~Sean
  4. Tibbles

    2010 rm-z

    I'm heading down to rg3 montana on the the 1st to get mine valved, I'll let you know how it turns out. only a 2.5 hour drive down for me, looks like it would be about 4 hours for you. ~Sean
  5. Tibbles

    creatine speed healing

    can Creatine help speed up the healing of bruised and torn muscles ?
  6. Tibbles

    post your lids!

    Fox V3 white wall nicest helmet I ever owned http://www.motoxsports.com/Store_fox_v3.shtml
  7. Tibbles

    My wreck - broken wrist

    don't worry bout the range of movement it'll come back. I busted mine in may last year and was in a cast for 3 months cause the bone wouldn't heal, but it only took me about 2 months to recover all movement after the cast came off. and I was out riding in that 1st month.
  8. Tibbles

    06 YZ250F v YZ450F

    heres what I've noticed, the 250f you can ride all day long and not get the crap kicked outta ya by the throttle. my 450 beats up on me a fair bit and I'm 6' 190lbs. I got on my buddies 250f and was amazed at how easy it was to control and I was actually making faster more consisent lap times on his bike. I think this was do to the type of track and the fact I wasn't getting tired from hanging on. but with that said I wouldn't go down to a 250f. if your looking for an easy to ride bike stay with that 250f plus you can always do some upgrade to get more power out of it, I raced another friends 250f with lots done to it and it takes me in a drag race. So you have to weigh your options.
  9. Tibbles

    Chain question

    My top sub frame bolt tried to fall out once that was kinda wierd. check all bolts after every race.
  10. Tibbles

    Strictly Mtn riding in BC

    I'm out in the kootenays and we sled the crap outta the hills in the winter too. and on my trail rides it's not uncommon to reach 7500, but thats getting up there. as far as I'm concerned thats where the best riding is had.
  11. did the same on mine. Made a big differnce as far as the technical woods riding goes and I can still race it on the track and not run outta top gear. The 450 is good in the woods but you gotta know how to use the clutch. and I've never had a problem over heating and we do alot of slow nasty bush riding.
  12. Tibbles

    06 YZ450F, has too much...

    The 450's are power monsters. The best way is just lots of seat time. When I got on my 450 the first time it was a funny sight, now it's just wfo all the way! get the seat time and you'll learn to love that power.
  13. Tibbles

    Pictures of injuries

    heres what happens when you ride smack a big rock you didn't see , 4th gear half tapped out and me doing cart wheels. shatterd wrist and seperated shoulder lots of skin missing.