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  1. replaced spark plug and been trying to get to run oil is clean and fresh
  2. Spacers are correct, Float level at 13mm, Canister purge line nipple open, vacuum line connected, small o-ring in place
  3. DRZ 400s 3x3 mod 155 mj, 25pj, JD needle 3rd clip, extended fuel mix screw, all CA evap removed. Had gas in the cylinder replaced float valve and needle, drained oil and replaced spark plug. Would only run with choke, dies when throttle applied. Removed card rebuilt line by line per Suzuki manual. Same issue, if I tinker with the fuel mix screw I can get it to idle but floods out when throttle is applied. All jets are clean I have two of each jet nothing helps. Adjusted float height no help was near dead on. Thinking it's a vacuum leak but the diaphragm is in good shape. Any suggestions?