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  1. 71ossa175

    Do you lap valves

    The Yamaha Wr450 manual says it is okay to lap the valves. They suggest two steps with different compounds. DR. DIRT in DIRTRIDER magazine says don't touch them with lapping compound because it removes the coating on the titanium. I'm not lapping.
  2. 71ossa175

    WR450 NSS block-off

    I broke the neutral safety switch on my WR450. Does anyone make a block-off plug to replace it? I want to get rid of the switch and harness, but need to seal the hole.
  3. 71ossa175

    neutral safety switch

    Does anyone make a block off to get rid of the neutral safety switch? Mine took a hit and is broken and leaking oil. If I do way with all of it what will happen other than the starter will engage in all gears with the clutch out? I always start with the clutch disengaged anyhow.